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Implen GmbH Schatzbogen 52 D-81829 München

Tel.: +49 (0)89 7263718 0 Fax: +49 (0)89 7263718 54 Email info@implen.de

Geschäftsführer: Martin Sahiri Dr. Thomas Sahiri

Handelsregister B des Amtsgerichts München HRB 148607 Ust.-ID.-Nr. DE229960428


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) The expected concentration values of my sample are too high or too low. Which steps are recommended for troubleshooting?
Please clean your Submicroliter Cell and lid with a fluff-free tissue moistened with water or 70% ethanol. To avoid thawing effects make sure, that the sample has reached room temperature and it was mixed accurately before the measurement. We recommend to use purified samples to avoid disturbing signals from impurities that absorb also in the region of interest.

Make sure that your pipettes are calibrated and the required tips are used.

Please check whether you adjusted the correct program (e.g. dsDNA, RNA, oligo) for your type of sample. Please check whether the lid factor correlates with the lid and that the dilution factor has the required value (default 1.000). Review that you are working in the correct concentration range for your used lid and that the sample volume correlates to the defined amount (see average detection range sheets).
2) Which one of the lids should I use, if I do not know the concentration of the sample?
This is depending on your sample, if the concentration is below 200ng/µL in general, you start with lid 10. For higher ranges always start with lid 50 as this is covering the widest detection range. Please find the concentration ranges for each dilution lid on the application sheet: "Average detection range and required sample volume". If the concentration is not in the detection range for the used lid a warning message will appear which indicates "Abs too high" or "Abs too low". Please check the NanoPhotometer® User Manual for a detailed explanation of the messages.
3) Why does the instrument not show me lid warning messages? When does it appear?
Your instrument may operate with an older software version. Please perform a software update with the latest version. You can download this version from our downloads page. Your NanoPhotometer® recognizes when the concentration of the sample is too high or too low for the actual lid. You can now decide, if you like to switch to a more optimal lid or continue with the actual one. Do not hesitate to contact our support team, if assistance is required.
4) Are the results automatically converted or do I have to multiply them with the lid factor?
Within "NanoVolume Applications" and "Cuvette Applications" the values are automatically calculated. In all other methods the path length is only documented, but not calculated. You have to process the data by yourself.
5) Is it necessary to perform a purification protocol for nucleic acid samples before the measurement?
Yes. Absorbance measurements are not specific for a special type of nucleic acids. The presence of other molecules that absorb also at 260nm do have influence on the results.
6) Is it sufficient to clean the surface of the Submicroliter Cell and the lid with a fluff-free tissue?
YES. The scratch-resistant quartz surface avoids substances to stick on the cell or onto the mirror of the lid. We recommend cleaning the cell with a slightly wet fluff-free tissue to avoid fluffs on the quartz surfaces.
7) Are there problems with using solvents or aggressive substances?
In general, the Submicroliter Cell and the lids are very resistant. However, we do not recommend using concentrated acids or bases. For specific solvents, please contact the Implen support team (support@implen.de) to check the compatibility with our technology. Download the latest list of compatible solvents.
8) Does the PVC software also work on my MAC?
No. The PVC software can only be operated with Windows based PCs.
9) I purchased the NanoPhotometer P-Class with PVC software. Where can I find the access code for my instrument?
The access code can be found at the inside of the Implen binder or on the backside of the instrument.
10) Does the NanoPhotometer® require a computer or notebook for operation?
The NanoPhotometer® is designed as stand-alone unit. However, there is the possibility to transfer the data via USB, Bluetooth or SD RAM card to a computer. The software and the accessories can be purchased optional.
11) Are the latest Software versions compatible with all pervious NanoPhotometer® versions?
The latest PVC software and firmware are compatible with all versions of the NanoPhotometer®. The latest PVC software and firmware are available at http://implen.com/nanophotometer/downloads.php

12) How accurate are the measurements with the NanoPhotometer®?
The NanoPhotometer® is performing accurately over the entire lifetime as there are no moving parts that could influence the performance of the product. The patented Sample Compression Technology™ prevents the sample from evaporation. The deviation per measurements is less than ± 5% - depending on nature of sample, etc.
13) How accurate is the reproducibility of the Measurements?
measurements of single sample without pipetting a fresh sample onto the system allow a maximum deviation of 0.005 Abs (fluctuation of the lamp).
14) Do I have to re-calibrate the NanoPhotometer®?
The NanoPhotometer® is maintenance and service free. There is an automatic self calibration executed with every start-up.
15) How long is the lifetime of the lamp?
The NanoPhotometer® works with a Xenon flash lamp. The lifetime of the lamp is approximately 10 years (109 flashes). The lamp does not change intensity over its lifetime.
16) Is the lamp continuously burning if the NanoPhotometer® is switched on?
NO. The lamp is only active during measurements (when flashing). There will be no damage to the lamp, if you switch on the NanoPhotometer® for the whole day.
17) Does the integrated vortexer influence the performance and optical properties/stability of the NanoPhotometer®?
The built-in vortexer is a specially designed low vibration vortexer which has no influence on the performance of the instrument. A standard vortexer which is placed beside the NanoPhotometer® generates more vibrations to the NanoPhotometer® than the integrated low vibration vortexer.