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Implen NanoPhotometer N50 to Evaluate Nucleic Acids for COVID-19 Detection Kits

Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic has been effectively contained in China. A contributing factor for containing the virus has been China’s use of rapid detection methods. Many manufactures have been producing detection kits for COVID-19. Using qPCR to detect the viral nucleic acid sample can achieve a rapid diagnosis of suspected cases. One of the key steps necessary for detection kits is Read More

Over 7,000 Scientific Publications utilize the NanoPhotometer® by Implen

Implen is proud to announce that our end users have published over 7,000 scientific publications utilizing the NanoPhotometer®. We at Implen are honored to support and work alongside researchers carrying out cutting edge work in the lab. In order to highlight pertinent research, as well as end-user professional accomplishments and areas of expertise, we have launched the Implen NanoPhotometer® Read More

Implen Launches New NanoPhotometer® N120

The Microvolume High Throughput Champion Implen Munich, Germany (April 3, 2019)—Implen GmbH is excited to announce the release of the NanoPhotometer® N120, an absorbance based UV/VIS Multi-Channel Spectrophotometer. The instrument’s extremely compact and stand-alone design (20x20x12 cm) allows for rapid full scan analysis of up to 12 samples (2µl) from 200 - 900 nm at a time over a wide Read More

Implen NanoPhotometer used by bio scientists at The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is building a world-class precinct for the next generation of bio scientists, vets, and doctors. This project is the first stage of the Western Edge Biosciences program. It will transform the learning experience across the biosciences – and will meet requirements for the global accreditation of the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program in 2020, the only accredited Read More

Implen NanoPhotometer® is Cited in Over 4,000 Scientific Publications

Researchers and end-users utilizing the NanoPhotometer in their labs have been busy in the past few years! Implen is proud to announce that the NanoPhotometer® has been cited in over 4,000 scientific publications (including a multitude of peer-reviewed journals). A plethora of these publications can be accessed directly on Google Scholar. A wide breadth of applications have been explored and even Read More

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