The NanoPhotometer® range of products offers the following highlights

(features and specifications may vary depending on the model):


  • Full spectral scan from 200 to 900 nm
  • With a resolution of better than 1.8 nm in 2.5 seconds per sample for NP80, N60
  • With a resolution of better than 2.5 nm in 1.7 seconds per sample for N120 (20 seconds for a full run of 12 samples)
  • Small volume capability starting with 0.3 µL (2 µL for the N120) (aqueous samples and samples in organic solvents)
  • Preprogrammed methods for:
    • Nucleic Acids (1 – 16,500 ng/µl for dsDNA in a drop for and 2 – 8,000 ng/µl for N120)
    • Proteins and Peptides
    • Colorimetric Protein Assays
    • Kinetics (in a cuvette and in a drop)
    • OD600 (cell density)
  • Sample QC features:
    • Blank Control™: identification of bad cleaning or background in blanks to make sure that sample readings are accurate at all times
    • Sample Control™: identification of impurities in nucleic acid and protein samples to make sure that samples will work with maximum efficiency in downstream applications like HTS, qPCR, protein sequencing, etc.
  • Editable report output format
  • Data export format:
    • Excel
    • PDF
    • IDS (Implen Document Source encrypted file)
  • Full spectroscopic functionality to allow the programming of individual methods:
    • Wavescan
    • Single Wavelength
    • Absorbance Ratio
    • Standard Curve
  • Instrument control options:
    • 7” glove compatible touchscreen
    • Microsoft Windows computers
    • Mac OS computers
    • Apple iOS devices (phones and tablets)
    • Android OS (phones and tablets)
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet printing on AirPrint/IPP compatible printers supporting PDF format; most HP, DYMO cryo and regular label printing available via USB
  • Built-in server drive functionality via Ethernet, Wi-Fi and USB connection
  • Built-in HotSpot
  • Ultimate Data Security: The proprietary NanoPhotometer® Operating System (NPOS) protects data in a secured environment immune to known malicious software
  • Built-in Battery Power for up to 8 hours (up to 3 hours for the N120)
  • Maintenance free operation, no reconditioning or recalibration necessary – Lifetime Accuracy Guaranteed

For more detailed information please refer to the following technical notes:

Technical Notes

Technical Note: #1 True Path Technology™

Technical Note: #2 Sample Compression Technology™

Technical Note: #3 Blank Control™

Technical Note: #4 Nucleic Acids Performance Data

Technical Note: #5 Protein UV Performance Data

Technical Note: #6 Data Management

Technical Note: #7 Flexible Unit Control

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