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Evaluation of Portable UV-VIS Spectrophotometer for Determination of Time Since Deposition (TSD) of Bloodstains at a Crime Scene-Technology EvaluationJ Ballantyne, E Hanson…ncjrs.govLink
Tree vaccination for pine wilt disease: resistance induction in Pinus spp. by inoculation with an avirulent nematode strainAR Franco, M Roriz, C Santos, A Reis, AC Rodrigues…repositorio.ucp.ptLink
A comparative study of ryanodine receptor (RyR) gene expression levels in a basal ray-finned fish, bichir (Polypterus ornatipinnis) and the derived euteleost zebrafish …S Darbandi, JPC FranckElsevierLink
High levels of genetic variation at MHC class II DBB loci in the tammar wallaby (Macropus eugenii)Y Cheng, HV Siddle, S Beck, MDB Eldridge, K BelovSpringerLink
Profiling and discovery of novel miRNAs from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded melanoma and nodal specimensZ Ma, WO Lui, A Fire, SS DadrasElsevierLink
Reliable TLDA-microvolume UV spectroscopy with applications in chemistry and biosciences for microlitre analysis and rapid pipette calibrationN McMillan, M O’Neill, S Smith…iopscience.iop.orgLink
Biotechnological strategies for resistance induction to the pine wilt nematodeR Rodrigues, A Reis, A Franco, C Santos, M Markowski…repositorio.ucp.ptLink
Ultrasensitive method for the determination of 4-hydroxy-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone-releasing DNA adducts by gas chromatography–high resolution mass spectrometry …CW Heppel, AK Heling, E RichterSpringerLink
Role of the AcsF protein in Chloroflexus aurantiacusKH Tang, J Wen, X Li, RE BlankenshipAm Soc MicrobiolLink
A multiplex real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction assay for detection and differentiation of Bluetongue virus and Epizootic hemorrhagic disease …WC Wilson, BJ Hindson, ES O’Hearn…journals.sagepub.comLink
Pre-and postprandial effects on ghrelin signaling in the brain and on the GH/IGF-I axis in the Mozambique tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus)SC Peddu, JP Breves, H Kaiya, EG Grau…ElsevierLink
Detection of transgenic papaya lines: extraction protocol optimisation and verification of DNA quality by PCR assayJ OVeSná, J HOdekresearchgate.netLink
Glucose regulates ghrelin, neuropeptide Y, and the GH/IGF-I axis in the tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicusLG Riley Jr, AP Walker, CP Dorough…ElsevierLink
Validation of reference genes for normalization of real‐time quantitative RT‐PCR data in traumatic brain injuryNL Cook, R Vink, JJ Donkin…Wiley Online LibraryLink
Identification of two aflatrem biosynthesis gene loci in Aspergillus flavus and metabolic engineering of Penicillium paxilli to elucidate their functionMJ Nicholson, A Koulman, BJ Monahan…Am Soc MicrobiolLink
Identification and Genomic Sequence of a Ghrelin Receptor (GHS-R)-like Receptor in the Mozambique Tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicusH Kaiya, LG Riley, W Janzen, T Hirano, EG Grau…BioOneLink
Applications of the static quenching of rhodamine B by carbon nanotubesA Ahmad, T Kurkina, K Kern…Wiley Online LibraryLink
Twist 在肺癌中高表达并与肺癌的分化有关惠林萍, 刘冰冰, 赵蕾, 张四洋, 周宝森, 邱雪杉…journal.9med.netLink
성인으로부터 분리된 Lactobacillus casei CU2604 의우유배지에서의 생장 특성 및 생리적 특성김희진, 최재경, 이경민, 임중현…researchgate.netLink
Growth Characteristics and Physiological Properties in Milk of Lactobacillus casei CU2604 Isolated from Adult FecesHJ Kim, JK Choi, KM Lee, JH Im…koreascience.or.krLink
Isolation, identification and expression analysis of salt-induced genes in Suaeda maritima, a natural halophyte, using PCR-based suppression subtractive …BB Sahu, BP Shawbmcplantbiol.biomedcentral.comLink
Selective enhancement of carbon nanotube photoluminescence by resonant energy transferA Ahmad, K Kern, K BalasubramanianWiley Online LibraryLink
Detection and subtyping of influenza A virus based on a short oligonucleotide microarrayX Li, X Qi, L Miao, Y Wang, F Liu, H Gu…dmidjournal.comLink
Intraovarian transplantation of stage I-II follicles results in viable zebrafish embryosZ Csenki, A Zaucker, B Kovács, Y Hadzhiev…ijdb.ehu.esLink
Studium biointerakcí s využitím kombinace piezoelektrického a optického systémuD KOVÁŘis.muni.czLink
Nanog in the twin fish models medaka and zebrafish: Functional divergence or pleiotropy of vertebrate pluripotency geneL Zhendongscholarbank.nus.sgLink
Rapid identification of maternal lineages in common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) using real-time PCR and high resolution melt-curve analysisGD Haynes, J Gongora, FW Nicholas, KR ZengerElsevierLink
Charakterisierung der Strictosidinsynthase aus Arabidopsis thaliana im Vergleich zur Alkaloidp anze Catharanthus roseusS Uebbinguni-heidelberg.deLink
Mykologische und histologische Untersuchungen zur Grobborkigkeit bei geschädigten Rotbuchen (Fagus sylvatica L.)J Grünerdeutsche-digitale-bibliothek.deLink
Funktionelle Charakterisierung regulatorischer Gene bei der Bildung der Wirbelsäule der MausS Müllerdiss.fu-berlin.deLink
Assessing the complex nature of behaviorL Czibereedoc.ub.uni-muenchen.deLink
Molecular ecological analysis of methanogenic communities in terrestrial and submarine permafrost deposits of Siberian LaptevK KochLink
Molecular ecological analysis of methanogenic communities in terrestrial and submarine permafrost deposits of Siberian Laptev Sea areaK Feigeepic.awi.deLink
Identifikace vybraných bakterií v sýrech pomocí PCRB ÜRGEOVÁdspace.vutbr.czLink
Untersuchungen zu den molekularen Grundlagen der nicht-mendelschen Vererbung in der MausN Vérondiss.fu-berlin.deLink
Izolace DNA: výtěžnost a kvalitaJ JANOCHOVÁis.muni.czLink
Structural and functional studies of α-actininAP Testa Salmazoothes.univie.ac.atLink
The role of proteases in Twist induced tumor invasionTHM Lwinescholarship.orgLink
Identification of genes regulated by cold temperature-a study of mdtJI in E. coli O157: H7S Urlichwaikato.researchgateway.ac.nzLink
Izolace DNA z probiotických druhů bakterií mléčného kvašení v potravinových doplňcíchJ Tvrdíkovádspace.vutbr.czLink
Untersuchungen zur Ätiologie des ösophagealen Adenokarzinoms in Abhängigkeit zur Myosminbelastung durch die ErnährungC Heppeledoc.ub.uni-muenchen.deLink
Systematische Mutationsanalyse des Ryanodinrezeptors 1 bei österreichischen Familien mit nachgewiesener maligner Hyperthermie DispositionA Kaufmannothes.univie.ac.atLink
Controlo da activação microglial pelos astrócitos mesencefálicos: quais os mediadores solúveis envolvidos?DPC Brancoubibliorum.ubi.ptLink
Measurement of barley (Hordeum vulgare) feed quality parameters In Sacco and mapping of associated quantitative trait loci (QTL) in CattleP Gouseprints.usq.edu.auLink

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