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Comparison Between Currently Used Blood Samples And New Saliva Dna Collection Method For Quality Of Genomic Dna And GenotypingLM Aftenie, I Franciuc, A Martinescu…degruyter.comLink
Surface-engineered nanoliposomes by chelating ligands for modulating the neurotoxicity associated with β-Amyloid aggregates of Alzheimer’s diseaseMS Mufamadi, YE Choonara, P Kumar, G Modi…SpringerLink
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Variations in annealing temperature and Magnesium chloride concentration for eight RFLP markers of Toxoplasma gondiiVR Puvanesuaran, N Ibrahim, R Noordin…ijppsjournal.comLink
Array-CGH—eine Methode für Humangenetik und DiagnostikE Klopocki, S ManettoSpringerLink
Biocontrol agent Trichoderma harzianum strain FA 1132 as an enhancer of oil palm growthL Naher, SG Tan, UK Yusuf, CL Ho…academia.eduLink
Comparison of different RNA extraction methods on woody tissues of the tropical tree, Aquilaria malaccensisCH Siah, P Namasivayam…researchgate.netLink
Effect of protamine on the solubility and deamidation of human growth hormoneE Ablinger, S Wegscheider, W Keller, R Prassl…ElsevierLink
Molecular comparisons suggest Caribbean crazy ant from Florida and Rasberry crazy ant from Texas (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Nylanderia) are the same speciesL Zhao, J Chen, WA Jones, DH Oi…academic.oup.comLink
Improved real-time PCR assay for detection and quantification of all 54 known types of human adenoviruses in clinical samplesI Bil-Lula, N De Franceschi, K Pawlik…ncbi.nlm.nih.govLink
Development of a real-time PCR assay for the detection of the invasive clam, Corbula amurensis, in environmental samplesKF Smith, SA Wood, DO Mountfort, SC CaryElsevierLink
Modulation of phenolic content and antioxidant activity of maize by solid state fermentation with Thamnidium elegans CCF 1456RK Salar, M Certik, V BrezovaSpringerLink
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Analysis of glycan-related genes expression and glycan profiles in mice with liver fibrosisHJ Yu, MZ Zhu, YN Qin, YG Zhong, H Yan…ACS PublicationsLink
Development and validation of a real-time PCR assay specific for Clostridium estertheticum and C. estertheticum-like psychrotolerant bacteriaG Brightwell, R ClemensElsevierLink
microRNA-192,-194 and-215 are frequently downregulated in colorectal cancerY Chiang, Y Song, Z Wang, Z Liu…spandidos-publications.comLink
Nonsense mediated decay of VWF mRNA subsequent to c. 7674-7675insC mutation in type3 VWD patientsS Shahbazi, F Baniahmad, M Zakiani-Roudsari…ElsevierLink
Are simple Phytophthora infestans races really that simple?AA PANKIN, EA KINASH, IN KOZLOVSKAYA…researchgate.netLink
A colorimetric method for the determination of lead (II) ions using gold nanoparticles and a guanine-rich oligonucleotideH Xu, B Liu, Y ChenSpringerLink
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Expression levels of microRNA-192 and-215 in gastric carcinomaY Chiang, X Zhou, Z Wang, Y Song, Z Liu…SpringerLink
Layer-by-layer self-assembling copper tetrasulfonated phthalocyanine on carbon nanotube modified glassy carbon electrode for electro-oxidation of 2 …M Shaik, VK Rao, M Gupta, P PandeyElsevierLink
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The Use of High Resolution Melting Analysis for Detection of the CAPN530 Polymorphism in Slovak Simmental BullsM Gábor, A Trakovická, M Miluchová…spasb.roLink
Confirmation of the Spinal Motor Neuron Gene 2 (SMN2) Copy Numbers by Real-time PCRMH Wieme, HM Ben, B Yosr, S Sihem…journals.lww.comLink
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Magnetic Hydrophilic Poly(2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate-co-Glycidyl Methacrylate) Microspheres for DNA Isolation from FaecesŠ Trachtová, T Obermajer, A Španová…Taylor & FrancisLink
Determination of sensitivity and specificity of a novel gene dosage assay for prenatal screening of trisomy 21 syndromeAR Kamyab, F Shahrokhi, E Shamsian, MH Nosaied…ElsevierLink
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Circular dichroism beamline B23 at the Diamond Light SourceR Hussain, T Jávorfi, G Siligardiscripts.iucr.orgLink
Triplex PCR using new primers for the detection of Toxoplasma gondiiA Rahumatullah, BY Khoo, R NoordinElsevierLink
Real-time PCR data processing shown by the analysis of colorectal specific candidate genes, ERCC1, RRM1 and TS in relation to β2M as endogenous …M Demes, H Bartsch, S Scheil-Bertram, R Mücke…mdpi.comLink
Identification of a novel population in high-grade oligodendroglial tumors not deleted on 1p/19q using array CGHM Talagas, P Marcorelles, A Uguen, S Redon…SpringerLink
Copy number aberrations in combined hepatocellular carcinoma and cholangiocarcinomaHL You, SW Weng, SH Li, YC Wei, JJC Sheu…ElsevierLink
Rapid identification of bovine mastitis pathogens by high-resolution melt analysis of 16S rDNA sequencesP Ajitkumar, HW Barkema, J De BuckElsevierLink
cDNA cloning and primary structure analysis of transglutaminase from bluefin tuna Thunnus orientalisK Ikeguchi, G Kaneko, S WatabeSpringerLink
Identification and determination of relatedness of lactobacilli using different DNA amplification methodsK Turková, B Rittich, A ŠpanováSpringerLink
Arginine deiminase PEG20 inhibits growth of small cell lung cancers lacking expression of argininosuccinate synthetaseMP Kelly, AA Jungbluth, BW Wu, J Bomalaski…nature.comLink
Identification of genes differentially expressed in Pinus pinaster and Pinus pinea after infection with the pine wood nematodeCSS dos Santos, MW de VasconcelosSpringerLink
Biofunctionalized gold nanoparticles for SPR-biosensor-based detection of CEA in blood plasmaT Špringer, J HomolaSpringerLink
Population data of six Alu insertions in indigenous groups from Sabah, MalaysiaBP Kee, KH Chua, PC Lee, LH LianTaylor & FrancisLink
In vitro cultured human Sertoli cells secrete high amounts of acetate that is stimulated by 17β-estradiol and suppressed by insulin deprivationMG Alves, S Socorro, J Silva, A Barros, M Sousa…ElsevierLink
GSK3β and CREB3 Gene Expression Profiling in Benign and Malignant Salivary Gland TumorsNM Ghahhari, HM Ghahhari…ncbi.nlm.nih.govLink
The ketone body β-hydroxybutyric acid influences agouti-related peptide expression via AMP-activated protein kinase in hypothalamic GT1-7 cellsT Laeger, R Pöhland, CC Metges…Soc EndocrinologyLink
Identification of programmed cell death related genes in bambooV Rai, N DeyElsevierLink
A MIQE-compliant real-time PCR assay for Aspergillus detectionGL Johnson, DF Bibby, S Wong, SG Agrawal…journals.plos.orgLink
High temperature interrupts initial egg diapause in Paratlanticus ussuriensis and induces expression of a heat shock protein 70 geneJK Shim, HS Bang, KY LeeElsevierLink
Effect of insulin deprivation on metabolism and metabolism-associated gene transcript levels of in vitro cultured human Sertoli cellsPF Oliveira, MG Alves, L Rato, S Laurentino…ElsevierLink
Immunolocalization and expression of small‐conductance calcium‐activated potassium channels in human myometriumST Rosenbaum, J Svalø, K Nielsen…Wiley Online LibraryLink
Semiquantitative analysis of ECM molecules in the different cartilage layers in early and advanced osteoarthritis of the knee jointA Lahm, R Kasch, E Mrosek…pdfs.semanticscholar.orgLink
Omeprazole blocks STAT6 binding to the eotaxin-3 promoter in eosinophilic esophagitis cellsX Zhang, E Cheng, X Huo, C Yu, Q Zhang, TH Pham…journals.plos.orgLink
Increasing porcine PARV4 prevalence with pig age in the US pig populationCT Xiao, LG Giménez-Lirola, PG Halbur…ElsevierLink
A genomic approach for identification of fungal genes involved in pentachlorophenol degradationA Testa, A Di Matteo, MA Rao, MM Monti…researchgate.netLink
Metabolic modulation induced by oestradiol and DHT in immature rat Sertoli cells cultured in vitroL Rato, MG Alves, S Socorro, RA Carvalho…bioscirep.orgLink
RNA silencing suppressor Pns11 of rice gall dwarf virus induces virus-like symptoms in transgenic riceWJ Shen, XL Ruan, XS Li, Q Zhao, HP LiSpringerLink
Cortisol treatment reduces ghrelin signaling and food intake in tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicusWJ Janzen, CA Duncan, LG RileyElsevierLink
Investigation of ORF0 as a sensitive alternative diagnostic segment to detect Sugarcane yellow leaf virusAI ElSayed, E KomorSpringerLink
Differences in the fecal concentrations and genetic diversities of Campylobacter jejuni populations among individual cows in two dairy herdsD Rapp, CM Ross, EJ Pleydell…Am Soc MicrobiolLink
Prevalence of RsaI Polymorphism in the 5’Untranslated Region (UTR) of Pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC) Gene and its Association with Obesity in the Kampar …HM Lee, SH Fan, YH Sayt.upm.edu.myLink
Integrated transcriptomic and proteomic analysis of the physiological response of Escherichia coli O157: H7 Sakai to steady-state conditions of cold and water activity …C Kocharunchitt, T King, K Gobius, JP Bowman…ASBMBLink
Putative recombination signature and significance of insertion/deletion events in the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase coding region of sugarcane yellow leaf virusAI ElSayed, M Boulila, E Komor, YJ ZhuElsevierLink
Rapid, simple, and sensitive detection of the ompB gene of spotted fever group rickettsiae by loop-mediated isothermal amplificationL Pan, L Zhang, G Wang, Q LiuBMCLink
2D gold nanoparticle structures engineered through DNA tiles for delivery, therapyAY Sonay, K Keseroğlu, M Culhaacademia.eduLink
Association of the Cocaine-and Amphetamine-Regulated Transcript Prepropeptide Gene (CARTPT) rs2239670 Variant with Obesity among Kampar Health …Y Lisa, HF Sookncbi.nlm.nih.govLink
Rapid and sensitive detection of Plesiomonas shigelloides by loop-mediated isothermal amplification of the hugA geneS Meng, J Xu, Y Xiong, C Yejournals.plos.orgLink
Rapid detection and identification of human hookworm infections through high resolution melting (HRM) analysisR Ngui, YAL Lim, KH Chuajournals.plos.orgLink
Quercetin/adenosine combination may induce insulin resistance in high fat diet-fed miceCY LeeObesity ResearchLink
Heme oxygenase isoforms differ in their subcellular trafficking during hypoxia and are differentially modulated by cytochrome P450 reductaseM Linnenbaum, M Busker, JR Kraehling, S Behrendsjournals.plos.orgLink
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Association of the Cocaine-and Amphetamine-Regulated Transcript Prepropeptide Gene (CARTPT) rs2239670 Variant with Obesity among Kampar Health Clinic …L Yeo, SH Fan, YH Saytspace.library.utoronto.caLink
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Long-term characterization of free-living and particle-associated bacterial communities in Lake Tiefwaren reveals distinct seasonal patternsS Rösel, M Allgaier, HP GrossartSpringerLink
Who Let the Dogs In: A Canine Trophoblast Invasion Model for Pre‐eclampsiaM Kutzler, L Sahlfeld, E FellowsWiley Online LibraryLink
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Development and Verification of PCR based Assay to Detect and Quantify Garden Pea lec Gene.A Vráblík, J Hodek, J Soukup, K Demnerová…
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Cloning and expression of placental growth factor protein of human-1 (hPLGF-1) in Rosetta E. coli expression systemR Mahdianiau-tmuj.irLink
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Temperature increases from 55 to 75 C in a two-phase biogas reactor result in fundamental alterations within the bacterial and archaeal community structureA Rademacher, C Nolte, M Schönberg…SpringerLink
Effect of Chitinase on Resistance to Fungal Pathogens in Sea Buckthorn, Hippophae rhamnoides, and Cloning of Class I and III Chitinase GenesYL Sun, SK HongSpringerLink
Phosphorylation of serine 212 confers novel activity to human estrogen receptor αS Shindo, T Sakuma, M Negishi, J SquiresElsevierLink
Conjugated linoleic acids attenuate FSH-and IGF1-stimulated cell proliferation; IGF1, GATA4, and aromatase expression; and estradiol-17β production in buffalo …I Sharma, D SinghSoc Reprod FertilityLink
Development of Leptospirillum ferriphilum dominated consortium for ferric iron regeneration and metal bioleaching under extreme stressesBC Patel, DR Tipre, SR DaveElsevierLink
Molecular Cloning and Identification of Genes Encoding Eukaryotic Initiation Factor Family 1 (LceIF1, LceIF1A, and LceIF1B) in Leymus chinensisYL Sun, SK Hongieeexplore.ieee.orgLink
PGC-1α transcriptional response and mitochondrial adaptation to acute exercise is maintained in skeletal muscle of sedentary elderly malesJN Cobley, JD Bartlett, A Kayani, SW Murray…SpringerLink
Mosaik-Untersuchungen bei Neurofibromatose Typ 1 mit der Multiplex Ligation-dependant Probe AmplifikationS Colakoparu.uni-ulm.deLink
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Vanillin differentially affects azoxymethane-injected rat colon carcinogenesis and gene expressionKL Ho, PP Chong, LS Yazan…online.liebertpub.comLink
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Matched work high-intensity interval and continuous running induce similar increases in PGC-1α mRNA, AMPK, p38, and p53 phosphorylation in human skeletal …JD Bartlett, C Hwa Joo, TS Jeong…Am Physiological SocLink
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Upregulation of Endosymbiont Densities in Bemisia tabaci by Acquisition of Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl VirusSM Jahan, KY Leedb.koreascholar.comLink
Method for producing medium and medium produced therebyR Kuwana, A Sagitani, T Wakai…Google PatentsLink
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髓样分化因子 MyD88 在乳腺癌与癌旁正常组织中的表达与意义唐乐辉, 任国胜aammt.tmmu.edu.cnLink
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光棘球海胆 3 个地理亚群的遗传多样性 AFLP 分析张磊, 董颖, 杨爱馥, 陈仲, 汪笑宇, 关晓燕, 姜北…shchkx.comLink
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Fürs LaboratoriumL AnalytikLink
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Tracking the Sequences of Regulatory Linkages and Their Evolution Within a Fruit Fly Gene Regulatory NetworkJC Buttsrave.ohiolink.eduLink
Хроматографическая очистка плазмидной ДНК для клинического применения (генной терапии)ЮД Романова, ИИ Салафутдинов…cyberleninka.ruLink
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Fed‐batch microbioreactor platform for scale down and analysis of a plasmid DNA production processDM Bower, KS Lee, RJ Ram…Wiley Online LibraryLink
Pankreas-Forschungslabor Chirurgische Klinik und Polikinik Klinikum rechts der IsarT SamkharadzeLink
Pigment Epithelium-Derived Factor Increases Neuropathy and Fibrosis in Pancreatic CancerT Samkharadzemediatum.ub.tum.deLink
Retinal function and CFH-ARMS2 polymorphisms analysis: a pilot study in Italian AMD patientsE Capoluongo, P Concolino, M Piccardi…neurobiologyofaging.orgLink
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