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Identification and Quantification of Secondary Organic Aerosol Compounds Using Improved Spectroscopic Methods for Functional Group AnalysisAP Ranneysearch.proquest.comLink
Microbial community structure and function in response to the shift of sulfide/nitrate loading ratio during the denitrifying sulfide removal processC Huang, Z Li, F Chen, Q Liu, Y Zhao, J Zhou…ElsevierLink
The class II transactivator (CIITA) is regulated by post-translational modification cross-talk between ERK1/2 phosphorylation, mono-ubiquitination and Lys63 …JE Morgan, RL Shanderson, NH Boyd, E Cacan…bioscirep.orgLink
Downregulation of Sprouty homolog 2 by microRNA-21 inhibits proliferation, metastasis and invasion, however promotes the apoptosis of multiple myeloma …JH Wang, WW Zhou, ST Cheng…spandidos-publications.comLink
Molecular Characterization of Wheat Varieties and Assessment of Their Genetic Diversity using Microsatellite MarkersJK Sharma, A Singhresearchgate.netLink
Honey: The Natural Inhibine”R Aliyazicioglu, L Boukraaingentaconnect.comLink
Effects of glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide receptor knockout and a high-fat diet on cognitive function and hippocampal gene expression in mice …RR Lennox, C Moffett, DW Porter…spandidos-publications.comLink
Detection of immunogenic proteins from Anopheles sundaicussalivary glands in the human serumY Armiyanti, MM Nuryady, RP Arifianto…SciELO BrasilLink
A Study of Perchlorate-reducing Bacteria Using Different Growth ConditionsB Nolascosearch.proquest.comLink
Familial autoimmune thyroid disease and PTPN-22.GC Rodríguez, HM Zerónljkzedo.baLink
Woven electrochemical fabric-based test sensors (WEFTS): a new class of multiplexed electrochemical sensorsT Choudhary, GP Rajamanickam, D Dendukuripubs.rsc.orgLink
OpaR controls a network of downstream transcription factors in Vibrio parahaemolyticus BB22OPAK Burke, LTC Guthrie, T Modise, G Cormier…journals.plos.orgLink
Targeted single molecule mutation detection with massively parallel sequencingMT Gregory, JA Bertout, NG Ericson…academic.oup.comLink
Gelatin-based nanoparticles as DNA delivery systems: Synthesis, physicochemical and biocompatible characterizationMC Moran, N Rosell, G Ruano, MA Busquets…ElsevierLink
Trends of inflammatory markers and cytokines after one month of phototherapy in patients with rheumatoid arthritisJM Calderón, IG Sánchez, GA Huacuz…ama.baLink
Identification and Characterization of Perchlorate-reducing Bacteria from Environmental Waste WaterS Huttonsearch.proquest.comLink
3D culture of MIN-6 cells on decellularized pancreatic scaffold: in vitro and in vivo studyD Wu, J Wan, Y Huang, Y Guo, T Xu, M Zhu…hindawi.comLink
Tunicate pregnane X receptor (PXR) orthologs: Transcript characterization and natural variationI Richter, AE FidlerElsevierLink
Reduction in carotenoid levels in the marine diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum by artificial microRNAs targeted against the endogenous phytoene synthase geneS Kaur, C SpillaneSpringerLink
Polyethylenimine coated plasmid DNA–surfactant complexes as potential gene delivery systemsD Costa, WH Briscoe, J QueirozElsevierLink
Methyl-coenzyme M reductase A as an indicator to estimate methane production from dairy cowsMAA Casañas, N Rangkasenee…journalofdairyscience.orgLink
Pathogens and Disease Advance Access published April 19, 2015I Senitkova, P Spidlova, J StulikLink
Estandarización del método de extracción de ARNm de vasos de cordón umbilicalV Escalona, J Alejandro, T Layton, C Fabián…scielo.org.mxLink
Cooperation of both, the FKBP_N-like and the DSBA-like, domains is necessary for the correct function of FTS_1067 protein involved in Francisella tularensis …I Senitkova, P Spidlova, J Stulikacademic.oup.comLink
IGF-1 attenuates LPS induced pro-inflammatory cytokines expression in buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) granulosa cellsK Onnureddy, SK Onteru, D SinghElsevierLink
Loss of floral repressor function adapts rice to higher latitudes in EuropeJ Gómez-Ariza, F Galbiati, D Goretti…academic.oup.comLink
Impact of pyrolysis and hydrothermal biochar on gas-emitting activity of soil microorganisms and bacterial and archaeal community compositionJ Andert, J MummeElsevierLink
Long‐lasting Effect Against White Spot Syndrome Virus in Shrimp Broodstock, Litopenaeus vannamei, by LvRab7 SilencingP Alvarez‐Ruiz, A Luna‐González…Wiley Online LibraryLink
Polyhydroxyalkanoate from marine Bacillus megaterium using CSMCRI’s Dry Sea Mix as a novel growth mediumJH Dhangdhariya, S Dubey, HB Trivedi…ElsevierLink
Sensitive detection of Porcine circovirus-2 by droplet digital polymerase chain reactionS Zhao, H Lin, S Chen, M Yang, Q Yan…journals.sagepub.comLink
Production of Toxocara cati TES-120 Recombinant Antigen and Comparison with its T. canis Homolog for Serodiagnosis of ToxocariasisF Zahabiun, SM Sadjjadi, MH Yunus…ASTMHLink
In vivo genome editing using nuclease-encoding mRNA corrects SP-B deficiencyAJ Mahiny, A Dewerth, LE Mays, M Alkhaled…nature.comLink
Arginine Vasotocin, Isotocin and Nonapeptide Receptor Gene Expression Link to Social Status and Aggression in Sex‐Dependent PatternsSC Lema, KE Sanders, KA WaltiWiley Online LibraryLink
Expresión de interferón gamma en la infección por el virus del papiloma humano y por Chlamydia trachomatis en muestras cervicalesM del Carmen Colín-Ferreyra, H Mendieta-Zerón…ElsevierLink
A menthol-based solid dispersion technique for enhanced solubility and dissolution of sulfamethoxazole from an oral tablet matrixBF Choonara, YE Choonara, P Kumar, LC du Toit…SpringerLink
Proteotranscriptomic profiling of 231-BR breast cancer cells: identification of potential biomarkers and therapeutic targets for brain metastasisMD Dun, RJ Chalkley, S Faulkner, S Keene…ASBMBLink
Somatic mutational analysis of MED12 exon 2 in uterine leiomyomas of Iranian womenS Shahbazi, N Fatahi…ncbi.nlm.nih.govLink
Novel long non-coding RNA RP11-119F7. 4 as a potential biomarker for the development and progression of gastric cancerJ Sun, Y Song, X Chen, J Zhao, P Gao…spandidos-publications.comLink
Management of phytophthora blight (Phytophthora capsici) on vegetables in Ontario: some greenhouse and field aspectsRF Cerkauskas, G Ferguson…Taylor & FrancisLink
Marker profiles of late blight resistance genes in complex interspecific potato hybridsOA Fadina, MP Beketova, TV Belyantseva…edepot.wur.nlLink
Electrochemical sensor for lead cation sensitized with a DNA functionalized Porphyrinic metal–organic frameworkL Cui, J Wu, J Li, H JuACS PublicationsLink
Site-Specific Characterization and Absolute Quantification of Pegfilgrastim Oxidation by Top-Down High-Performance Liquid Chromatography–Mass SpectrometryIC Forstenlehner, J Holzmann, H Toll…ACS PublicationsLink
RNA expression profiling in depressed patients suggests retinoid-related orphan receptor alpha as a biomarker for antidepressant responseJM Hennings, M Uhr, T Klengel, P Weber, B Pütz…nature.comLink
Characterization of early transcriptional responses to cadmium in the root and leaf of Cd-resistant Salix matsudana KoidzJ Yang, K Li, W Zheng, H Zhang…bmcgenomics.biomedcentral.comLink
Expressing and characterizing mechanosensitive channels in Xenopus oocytesG Maksaev, ES HaswellSpringerLink
Transcriptome analysis of eyestalk and hemocytes in the ridgetail white prawn Exopalaemon carinicauda: assembly, Annotation and Marker DiscoveryJ Li, J Li, P Chen, P Liu, Y HeSpringerLink
Global mapping transcriptional start sites revealed both transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation of cold adaptation in the methanogenic archaeon …J Li, L Qi, Y Guo, L Yue, Y Li, W Ge, J Wu, W Shi…nature.comLink
Bioinformatic approach in the identification of Arabidopsis gene homologous in AmaranthusJ Žiarovská, M Záhorský, Z Gálová…potravinarstvo.comLink
Transcriptome analysis of feline infectious peritonitis virus infectionP Mehrbod, MSR Harun, AN Shuid…SpringerLink
First report of malignant catarrhal fever in a captive pudu (Pudu puda)P Modesto, C Grattarola, C Biolatti, K Varello…ElsevierLink
Gene analysis of signal-joint T cell receptor excision circles and their relationship to age in dogsG Ito, K Yoshimura, Y MomoiElsevierLink
Susceptibility to the pinewood nematode (PWN) of four pine species involved in potential range expansion across EuropeM Nunes da Silva, A Solla, L Sampedro, R Zas…academic.oup.comLink
Detection and molecular characterisation of a group 16SrIX phytoplasma infecting citrus (Citrus sinensis and C. limon), coffee (Coffea arabica), periwinkle …JD Caicedo, LI Rivera-Vargas, AE Segarra…SpringerLink
Genetic diversity of the long terminal repeat of bovine leukaemia virus field isolatesA Pluta, M Rola-Łuszczak, M Olech…degruyter.comLink
Tumors detected in cattle at a Brazilian abattoirJG Amoril, ELS SenaLink
A Simple Two-Stage PCR Based Method to Construct Gene Disruption CassetteVG KrishnaKumar, A ThirunavukkarasuLink
Effect of mother alcoholization on the activity of ghrelin system in prenatal and early postnatal periods of rat offspringMI Airapetov, PP Khokhlov…journals.eco-vector.comLink
A carbon nanofiber-based label free immunosensor for high sensitive detection of recombinant bovine somatotropinSA Lim, MU AhmedElsevierLink
Application of circular dichroism and magnetic circular dichroism for assessing biopharmaceuticals formulations photo-stability and small ligands binding …E Longo, R Hussain, G SiligardiElsevierLink
The prognostic impact of EGFR, ErbB2 and MET gene amplification in human gastric carcinomas as measured by quantitative Real-Time PCRG Janbabai, Z Oladi, T Farazmandfar…SpringerLink
Decreased irisin secretion contributes to muscle insulin resistance in high-fat diet miceZ Yang, X Chen, Y Chen, Q Zhaoncbi.nlm.nih.govLink
The comprehensive mechanisms underlying nonhierarchical follicular development in geese (Anser cygnoides)H Liu, W Zhang, Q Li, J Liu, T Zhang, T Zhou…ElsevierLink
Identification, development, and application of 12 polymorphic EST-SSR markers for an endemic Chinese walnut (Juglans cathayensis L.) using next-generation …M Dang, ZX Liu, X Chen, T Zhang, HJ Zhou…ElsevierLink
Chitosan–hyaluronic acid polyelectrolyte complex scaffold crosslinked with genipin for immobilization and controlled release of BMP-2SD Nath, C Abueva, B Kim, BT LeeElsevierLink
Phytic acid attenuates inflammatory responses and the levels of NF-κB and p-ERK in MPTP-induced Parkinson’s disease model of miceY Lv, Z Zhang, L Hou, L Zhang, J Zhang, Y Wang…ElsevierLink
Identification and characterization a novel transcription factor activator protein-1 in the sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicusL Yang, C Li, Y Chang, Y Gao, Y Wang, J Wei…ElsevierLink
Examination of the Cytotoxicity of Carboxyl Functionalized Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes on Escherichia ColiBL Twibellbearworks.missouristate.eduLink
Fed and fasted chicks from lines divergently selected for low or high body weight have differential hypothalamic appetite-associated factor mRNA expression profilesJ Yi, ER Gilbert, PB Siegel, MA ClineElsevierLink
Effect of Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions on oligomeric state and chaperone-like activity of αB-crystallin in crowded mediaNA Chebotareva, TB Eronina, NN Sluchanko…ElsevierLink
Transcriptome analysis of Ginkgo biloba kernelsB He, Y Gu, M Xu, J Wang, F Cao, L Xufrontiersin.orgLink
Retrotransposon based TRAP marker displays diversity among onion (Allium cepa L.) genotypesS Anandhan, A Nair, DS Kumkar, J GopalElsevierLink
Incidence of sweet cherry viruses in Shandong province, China and a case study on multiple infection with five virusesX Zong, W Wang, H Wei, J Wang, X Yan…JSTORLink
Quantitative analysis of the expression of caspase 3 and caspase 9 in different types of atherosclerotic lesions in the human aortaIA Sobenin, YV Bobryshev, GA Korobov…ElsevierLink
Comparison of the prevalence of KRAS-LCS6 polymorphism (rs61764370) within different tumour types (colorectal, breast, non-small cell lung cancer and brain …M Uvirova, J Simova, B Kubova…biomed.papers.upol.czLink
Comparison of commercial DNA kits and traditional DNA extraction procedure in PCR detection of pork in dry/fermented sausagesI Djurkin Kušec, Ž Radišić, M Komlenić, G Kušechrcak.srce.hrLink
Investigation of the dissolution kinetics of fullerene C60 in solvents with different polarities by UV-Vis spectroscopyN Jargalan, TV Tropin, MV Avdeev…SpringerLink
The association of PLA2G2A single nucleotide polymorphisms with type IIa secretory phospholipase A2 level but not its activity in patients with stable …YA Shuvalova, ZB Khasanova, VI Kaminnaya…ElsevierLink
Incidental finding of a homozygous p. M348K asymptomatic Italian patient confirms the many faces of cystic fibrosisR Molinario, S Palumbo, P Concolino…hindawi.comLink
Transcriptome Analysis of Shell Color-Related Genes in the Clam Meretrix meretrixX Yue, Q Nie, G Xiao, B LiuSpringerLink
Reduced representation libraries from DNA pools analysed with next generation semiconductor based-sequencing to identify SNPs in extreme and divergent pigs for …S Bovo, F Bertolini, G Schiavo, G Mazzoni…hindawi.comLink
Transcriptome profile of liver at different physiological stages reveals potential mode for lipid metabolism in laying hensH Li, T Wang, C Xu, D Wang, J Ren…bmcgenomics.biomedcentral.comLink
Transcriptome analysis reveals the oxidative stress response in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeH Zhao, J Chen, J Liu, B Hanpubs.rsc.orgLink
Identification and gene expression profile analysis of a major type of lipoprotein lipase in adult medaka Oryzias latipesL Wang, G Kaneko, SI Takahashi, S Watabe, H UshioSpringerLink
Leptin receptor and ghrelin genes polymorphisms in relation to the metabolism of lipidsA Trakovická, N Moravčíková, A Navrátilováspasb.roLink
Determination of anaerobic degradation pathways through carbon isotope (δ13C) analysis for the two-stage anaerobic digestion of high-solids substratesT Gehring, J Klang, A Niedermayr, S Berzio…Link
A functional polymorphism in the pre‑miR‑146a gene influences the prognosis of glioblastoma multiforme by interfering with the balance between Notch1 and …R Liu, W Li, C Wuspandidos-publications.comLink
Assessing product adulteration in natural health products for laxative yielding plants, Cassia, Senna, and Chamaecrista, in …GS Seethapathy, D Ganesh, JUS Kumar…SpringerLink
RNA-seq based on transcriptome reveals differ genetic expressing in Chlamys farreri exposed to carcinogen PAHsQ Jin, L Pan, T Liu, F HuElsevierLink
A Prospective Screening of HLA-B* 57.01 Allelic Variant for Preventing the Hypersensivity Reaction to Abacavir: Experience from the Laboratory of Molecular …C Senatore, B Charlier, A Truono, R Punzi…ncbi.nlm.nih.govLink
Development of EST-derived SSR markers using next-generation sequencing to reveal the genetic diversity of 50 chrysanthemum cultivarsKM Jo, Y Jo, H Chu, S Lian, WK ChoElsevierLink
Search for new genetic biomarkers in poorly differentiated and anaplastic thyroid carcinomas using next generation sequencingV Sykorova, S Dvorakova, J Vcelak…ar.iiarjournals.orgLink
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Genes associated with desiccation and osmotic stress in Listeria monocytogenes as revealed by insertional mutagenesisPA Hingston, MJ Piercey…Am Soc MicrobiolLink
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Expression of bax and bcl2 genes in MDMA-induced hepatotoxicity on rat liver using quantitative real-time PCR method through triggering programmed cell …M Behroozaghdam, M Hashemi, G Javadi…ncbi.nlm.nih.govLink
Validation of HMG CoA Reductase as Internal Control for Hazelnut Pollen Allergens Expression AnalysisK Garkava, J Žiarovská, N Nikolaieva, J Brindzadspace.nau.edu.uaLink
Transcriptomic response to low salinity stress in gills of the Pacific white shrimp, Litopenaeus vannameiD Hu, L Pan, Q Zhao, Q RenElsevierLink
Development of SYBR Green I Based Real-Time RT-PCR Assay for Specific Detection of Watermelon silver mottle VirusX Rao, J Sunncbi.nlm.nih.govLink
Antioxidant bioactive compounds in tomato fruits at different ripening stages and their effects on normal and cancer cellsR Del Giudice, A Raiola, GC Tenore…ElsevierLink
Digital gene expression analysis in hemocytes of the white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei in response to low salinity stressQ Zhao, L Pan, Q Ren, D HuElsevierLink
Characterization of strawberry (Fragaria× ananassa Duch.) cultivars and hybrid clones using SSR and AFLP markersR Rugienius, JB Šikšnianienė, B Frercks…researchgate.netLink
Detection of DNA sequences originating from GMOs in milkS Paramithiotis, A Adrakta, K Sigala…researchgate.netLink
Induction based fluidics (IBF) for droplet‐based mass spectrometric analysis of oligonucleotidesRL Ross, AD Sauter, PA LimbachWiley Online LibraryLink
miR-34a screened by miRNA profiling negatively regulates Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway in Aflatoxin B1 induced …L Zhu, J Gao, K Huang, Y Luo, B Zhang, W Xunature.comLink
Alternatively spliced isoforms of Kv10. 1 potassium channels modulate channel properties and can activate cyclin-dependent kinase in Xenopus oocytesFR Gomes, V Romaniello, A Sánchez, C Weber…ASBMBLink
Next Generation Semiconductor Based-Sequencing of a Nutrigenetics Target Gene (GPR120) and Association with Growth Rate in Italian Large White …L Fontanesi, F Bertolini, E Scotti, G Schiavo…Taylor & FrancisLink
Gender-related drug effect on several markers of oxidation stress in diabetes patients with and without complicationsM Lodovici, E Bigagli, C Luceri, E Mannucci…ElsevierLink
The APOE gene is differentially methylated in Alzheimer’s DiseaseJ Foraker, SP Millard, L Leong…content.iospress.comLink
An expanded search for simian foamy viruses (SFV) in Brazilian New World primates identifies novel SFV lineages and host age-related infectionsCP Muniz, H Jia, A Shankar…retrovirology.biomedcentral.comLink
Isolation and Identification of Differentially Expressed Genes from Wheat in Response to Blumeria graminis f. sp. tritici (Bgt)J Song, Z Niu, Q Li, Y Bao, X Ma, H Wang…SpringerLink
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De novo assembly and characterization of germinating lettuce seed transcriptome using Illumina paired-end sequencingSJ Liu, SH Song, WQ Wang, SQ SongElsevierLink
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Acellular human heart matrix: a critical step toward whole heart graftsPL Sánchez, ME Fernández-Santos, S Costanza…ElsevierLink
De novo transcriptome analysis of Osmanthus serrulatus Rehd. flowers and leaves by Illumina sequencingL Chen, L Li, Y Dai, X Wang, Y Duan, G YangElsevierLink
Molecular characterization of heat shock protein 70 cognate cDNA and its upregulation after diapause termination in Lycorma delicatula eggsJK Shim, KY LeeElsevierLink
Important contribution of the novel locus comEB to extracellular DNA-dependent Staphylococcus lugdunensis biofilm formationNB Rajendran, J Eikmeier, K Becker…Am Soc MicrobiolLink
Hereditary pancreatitis associated with the N29T mutation of the PRSS1 gene in a Brazilian family: a case-control studyMG Dytz, JM de Melo, O de Castro Santos…ncbi.nlm.nih.govLink
Metabolic fingerprints in testicular biopsies from type 1 diabetic patientsMG Alves, AD Martins, PI Moreira, RA Carvalho…SpringerLink
Genetic Characteristics and Evolution of Pitx2 in Sinistral Tongue Sole, Cynoglossus semilaevis and Dextral Stone Flounder, Kareius bicoloratus.T Liu, J Cheng, C Wang, J Niu, B Wang, J Zhai…zsp.com.pkLink
Proteins involved in focal adhesion signaling pathways are differentially regulated in experimental branch retinal vein occlusionLJ Cehofski, A Kruse, B Kjærgaard, A Stensballe…ElsevierLink
Identification, characterization and mycotoxigenic ability of Alternaria spp. causing core rot of apple fruit in GreeceP Ntasiou, C Myresiotis, S Konstantinou…ElsevierLink
Complexes containing redox noninnocent ligands for symmetric, multielectron transfer nonaqueous redox flow batteriesPJ Cabrera, X Yang, JA Suttil…ACS PublicationsLink
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Oral ingestion of heat shock protein 70 dsRNA is lethal under normal and thermal stress conditions in the sweetpotato whitefly, Bemisia tabaciJK Shim, GS Lee, S Lee, KY LeeElsevierLink
CYP2E1 epigenetic regulation in chronic, low-level toluene exposure: Relationship with oxidative stress and smoking habitO Jiménez-Garza, AA Baccarelli, HM Byun…ElsevierLink
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FAT1 cadherin acts upstream of Hippo signalling through TAZ to regulate neuronal differentiationAF Ahmed, CE de Bock, LF Lincz, J Pundavela…SpringerLink
Amplification of X-and Y-Chromosome-Specific Regions from Single Human Blastomeres by Polymerase Chain ReactionFA Sharif, AN Azarahjournal.iugaza.edu.psLink
Distinct miRNA expression in dorsal striatal subregions is associated with risk for addiction in ratsRK Quinn, AL Brown, BJ Goldie, EM Levi…nature.comLink
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Gender associated circadian oscillations of the clock genes in rat choroid plexusT Quintela, C Sousa, FM Patriarca, I Gonçalves…SpringerLink
Bone Regeneration Using Hydroxyapatite Sponge Scaffolds with In Vivo Deposited Extracellular MatrixRD Ventura, AR Padalhin, YK Min…online.liebertpub.comLink
Chemical mutagenesis of microalgae Nannochloropsis sp. using ems (ethyl methanesulfonate)M Kawaroe, AO Sudrajat, J Hwangbo…journalrepository.orgLink
Leptin modulates human Sertoli cells acetate production and glycolytic profile: a novel mechanism of obesity-induced male infertility?AD Martins, AC Moreira, R Sá, MP Monteiro…ElsevierLink
Environmental drivers of the distribution of nitrogen functional genes at a watershed scaleM Tsiknia, NV Paranychianakis…academic.oup.comLink
Comparative Evolution of Duplicated Ddx3 Genes in Teleosts: Insights from Japanese Flounder, Paralichthys olivaceusZ Wang, W Liu, H Song, H Wang, J Liu…g3journal.orgLink
Transcriptomic changes during tuber dormancy release process revealed by RNA sequencing in potatoB Liu, N Zhang, Y Wen, X Jin, J Yang, H Si…ElsevierLink
A non-invasive technique to determine the effects of plucked feather type (size) on dna yield in PCR amplificationJ Angat, FZM Yusofjournalarticle.ukm.myLink
Effects of 17 α-methyltestosterone on transcriptome, gonadal histology and sex steroid hormones in rare minnow Gobiocypris rarusJ Gao, S Liu, Y Zhang, Y Yang, C Yuan, S Chen…ElsevierLink
Comparative transcriptome analysis of the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas characterized by shell colors: identification of genetic bases potentially involved in …D Feng, Q Li, H Yu, X Zhao, L Kongjournals.plos.orgLink
Differential gene expression analysis of benzo (a) pyrene toxicity in the clam, Ruditapes philippinarumT Liu, L Pan, Q Jin, Y CaiElsevierLink
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Mechanistic Implications of the Unique Structural Features and Dimerization of the Cytoplasmic Domain of the Pseudomonas Sigma Regulator, PupRJL Jensen, A Balbo, DB Neau, S Chakravarthy…ACS PublicationsLink
Increased peroxisome proliferator‑activated receptor γ expression levels in visceral adipose tissue, and serum CCL2 and interleukin-6 levels during visceral …T Yogarajah, YTG Bee…spandidos-publications.comLink
A NAC transcription factor, EjNAC1, affects lignification of loquat fruit by regulating ligninQ Xu, W Wang, J Zeng, J Zhang, D Grierson, X Li…ElsevierLink
Differential responses of Apis mellifera heat shock protein genes to heat shock, flower-thinning formulations, and imidaclopridJ Koo, TG Son, SY Kim, KY LeeElsevierLink
De novo assembly and characterization of transcriptome using Illumina sequencing and development of twenty five microsatellite markers for an endemic …YH Hu, P Zhao, Q Zhang, Y Wang, XX Gao…ElsevierLink
Interferon λ 3 and 4 Genotyping Using High-Resolution Melt Curve Analysis Suitable for Multiple Clinical Sample TypesFMJ Lamoury, S Bartlett, B Jacka…urologiconcology.orgLink
Tobacco habituated and non-habituated subjects exhibit different mutational spectrums in head and neck squamous cell carcinomaRM Rawal, MN Joshi, P Bhargava, I Shaikh, AS Pandit…SpringerLink
Prognostic significance of CREB-binding protein and CD81 expression in primary high grade non-muscle invasive bladder cancer: identification of novel …MS Lee, JH Kim, JS Lee, SJ Yun, WJ Kim, H Ahn…journals.plos.orgLink
Metastasis suppressor 1 expression in human ovarian cancer: The impact on cellular migration and metastasisR Liu, TA Martin, NJ Jordan…spandidos-publications.comLink
Molecular identification of four Panonychus species (Acari: Tetranychidae) in Korea, including new records of P. caglei and P. moriTM Khaing, JK Shim, KY LeeWiley Online LibraryLink
Nuclear receptor peroxisomal proliferators activated receptors-gamma ligands decrease histone acetylation and attenuate CYP19 gene expression by chromatin …I Sharma, D SinghElsevierLink
Molecular characterization, origin, and evolution of teleost p68 gene family: Insights from Japanese flounder, Paralichthys olivaceusZ Wang, W Liu, N Zhou, H Wang, P Li, M Wang…ElsevierLink
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Multidrug efflux pumps over expression and its association with porin down regulation and β-lactamase production among nosocomial P. aeruginosa isolates …AM Al-Kabsi, M Yusof, M Mansor…repository.um.edu.myLink
Co (II)‐mediated effects of plain and plasma immersion ion implanted cobalt‐chromium alloys on the osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem …K Schröck, J Lutz, S Mändl, MC Hacker…Wiley Online LibraryLink
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Sensorineural hearing loss and ischemic injury: development of animal models to assess vascular and oxidative effectsE Olivetto, E Simoni, V Guaran, L Astolfi, A MartiniElsevierLink
Molecular comparison of the genus Junonia (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) in MyanmarNZ Win, EY Choi, DJ Jang, J Park, JK ParkElsevierLink
Sequence analysis of novel CYP4 transcripts from Mytilus galloprovincialisS Ravlić, J Žučko, MS Tanković, M Fafanđel…ElsevierLink
Analysis of genetic relations and evaluation of medicinal value among Hedera plants in China by sequence related amplified polymorphism markers and high …H Sun, F Li, X Cao, Q Ruan, X ZhongElsevierLink
The DNA methylation landscape of Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) DP-12 cellsA Wippermann, O Rupp, K Brinkrolf, R Hoffrogge…ElsevierLink
Correlation between topoisomerase I and tyrosyl-DNA phosphodiesterase 1 activities in non-small cell lung cancer tissueAK Jakobsen, KL Lauridsen, EB Samuel…ElsevierLink
Population Structure, Fungicide Resistance Profile, and sdhB Mutation Frequency of Botrytis cinerea from Strawberry and Greenhouse-Grown …S Konstantinou, T Veloukas, M Leroch…Am Phytopath SocietyLink
Ixodes ricinus salivary serpin IRS-2 affects Th17 differentiation via inhibition of the interleukin-6/STAT-3 signaling pathwayJ Páleníková, J Lieskovská, H Langhansová…Am Soc MicrobiolLink
Glycosyltransferases as marker genes for the quantitative polymerase chain reaction-based detection of circulating tumour cells from blood samples of …AC Kölbl, RA Hiller, M Ilmer…spandidos-publications.comLink
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