• I asked the chairman of our department for buying a spectrophotometer like NanoPhotometer™ for a period of more than three months. Finally we got it from IMPLEN and it is in our lab right now. But this caused a small “capacity problem” as everybody started to come in our lab for using this device. Sometimes it is annoying that everybody wants to use the NanoPhotometer. – Anyway I had fed up with using cuvettes and wasting my time before we bought Nanophotometer. But now I am very happy for having it more than 1 year. Using very little amount of DNA/RNA samples and the high accuracy are major advantages of this device. So I strongly recommend IMPLEN’s NanoPhotometer® to researchers.

    Yeditepe University , Genetics and Bioengineering Dept. Molecular Diagnostics Lab., Mehmet Emir Yalvac (MSs), Istanbul, TURKEY

  • We now use the NanoPhotometer® Implen for more than two years and like the instrument very much. We use it several times a day, for the concentration measurement of RNA and DNA samples with the LabelGuard Microliter Cell. The NanoPhotometer® with its very short optical path has served us very well because many of our RNA samples are precious and need to have high concentrations. The LabelGuard Microliter Cell enables us to conserve samples because we don’t need to waste much sample volume for the measurements themselves. We also like that we can use 1 cm path length cuvettes with the photometer, for the OD measurement of cell cultures. I highly recommend the instrument.

    University of California, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Ulrich Muller, San Diego, USA

  • Before we received a demonstration of the NanoPhotometer® from Implen in our lab, our decision to go with a system from another company had already been made. When we observed how easy and fast it was to use the NanoPhotometer® from Implen, our minds were changed. We loved the flexibility and accuracy, providing the options and precision needed for our applications. We ordered the NanoPhotometer® which we now use every day. We are very happy with the instrument and the support we have received from the Implen team. We highly recommend the NanoPhotometer® from Implen.

    University Of Kansas Medical Center, Dept. of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Therapeutics, Barbara Brede, Kansas City, USA

  • We bought our first NanoPhotometer® from Implen 18 months ago and have been very happy with it ever since. Based on the good experience we purchased an additional instrument for our teaching lab beginning of this year. The NanoPhotometer® has a built-in display screen and is fast and easy to use. We use it extensively for RNA and DNA quantitation. The system provides accurate and reproducible results. I highly recommend the instrument.

    University of Florida, Food Science and Human Nutrition Department, Mitchell Knutson PhD, USA

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