Implen Application Notes

Implen UV/Vis Spectrophotometer Application Notes

Reading an Accurate Blank – The Most Important Measurement of the Day Thomas Sahiri. Munich, Germany Blanking an instrument is a frequent process carried out by researchers in a wet lab numerous times and yet – the comprehension of what reading a Blank on an Implen NanoPhotometer® or any other high quality UV/Vis spectrophotometer does and how easy the Blank reading can be compromised… Download
UV/VIS NanoPhotometer® for authenticity testing of spirits Claudia Bauer-Christoph, Sylvia Dreßler, Thomas Sahiri, Martin Sahiri. Würzburg, Germany, Westlake Village, CA, USA, Munich, Germany Verification of authenticity of food plays an important role in official food quality control. The financial incentive to replace food by inferior products or to falsify it by mixing with poor quality or low-priced products is especially evident in premium quality, high-priced foods…. Download
Measuring Protein Concentration in Cell Lysates by Direct UV280 Absorbance in the NanoPhotometer® P330 Renee Hirte, PhD Implen, Inc. Westlake Village, CA The most rapid and reproducible method to determine protein concentration over a wide range is by measuring absorbance at 280 nm by spectrophotometry. Accomplishing this task in the past has often been met with the challenge of working with limited volume… Download
Detection of Adulterants In Morphine Sulfate Solutions Using UV/Vis NanoPhotometer® Instrumentation Katherine A. Roberts, PhD and Thomas Sahiri, PhD Implen GmbH, Munich, Germany  A growing problem among California’s Emergency Medical Services is the theft of morphine from vials that are stored in their emergency vehicles and substituting the morphine with saline or other solutions. This study focuses on… Download
The NanoPhotometer® Forensic Blood Analysis – New Approach to Determine Time since Deposition of Blood at Crime Scenes Malcom Lee, Dr. Andrea Huber Implen GmbH, Munich, Germany So far, there is no generally accepted procedure available that enables forensic scientists to determine the age of blood stains at a crime scene. Present methods are either limited in their predictive power or their analytical sensitivity. Download
Protein Quantification with the NanoPhotometer® Pearl – Protein UV280 and Colorimetric Based Assays Dr. Alexis Hofherr, Dr. Andrea Huber Renal Division, Department of Medicine, University Medical Centre Freiburg, Implen GmbH, Munich May 2011  NanoPhotometer-Pearl-Protein-Application-Note Introduction Proteins, the dynamic parts of living cells, are involved in nearly all metabolic pathways of cells (e.g.: enzymatic reactions, immune protection and … Download
The NanoPhotometer® – A synonym for spectrophotometric quantification of submicroliter and standard sample volumes with high reproducibility and linearity over a broad range Reena Kartha PhD, Fabienne Trotier, Dr. Andrea Kreuz, Dr. Andrea Huber Department of Pathology, Stanford University, Institut für Medizinische Genetik, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Implen GmbH.  The spectrophotometrical analysis of nucleic acids, proteins and bacterial cell cultures is part of the daily routine in every modern laboratory. The universal NanoPhotometer from Implen combines measurements of submicroliter sample volumes … Download
NanoPhotometer®: Small Volume Spectrophotometric Applications in Physiology
Small Volume Spectrophotometric Applications in PHYSIOLOGY Myocardial fibrosis and apoptosis in long-term experimental diabetes mellitus INTRODUCTION: Diabetes mellitus (DM) is becoming a pandemic. Download
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