Implen NanoPhotometer® Reviews

Implen instruments have received hundreds of five-star reviews from researchers around the world.


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Implen NanoPhotometer® N120 Reviews

IMPLEN Nanophotometer N120 is an excellent all-in-one solution for reliable quantification of nucleic acids and protein samples

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: RNA

“The interface of this nanophotometer is extremely user-friendly and at the same time allows for a lot of customization of the pre-set protocols and creation of new assays measurement protocols. The system does not require re-calibration since it calibrates itself at every start and with touch display interface and 12 wells for parallel samples measurement it provides excellent throughput and is easy to use.”

Dr. Roberto Simone
Organization: NeoVac Ltd, United Kingdom

Really impressed with the accuracy, ease of use, and increased sample throughput

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: DNA Analysis

“I’ve really been impressed with the accuracy, ease of use, and increased sample throughput with this instrument. All this in such a small and sleek black box. The touch screen interface is a nice feature and very straightforward. You can easily navigate through the applications, load templates, access and analyze your data. I like that you’re given the option to run up to 12 samples at a time but you can also choose to run 1 or 2 samples, customizable to your experiments. Having options is always a plus and you get that with the N120. The pipette guide makes it really easy to apply your samples. I can see that a lot of time, expertise, and careful considerations went into developing the NanoPhotometer.”

Nam Che
Organization: UCLA Department of Medicine, USA

Very good for DNA quantification

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Research and development

“We bought N120 for quantifying a lot of DNA samples. I think this machine is best instrument.”

Dr. Masakazu Ishikawa
Organization: KOTAI Biotechnologies, Japan

I bought 3 units for the amount of money to buy another one.

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Genomic Research

“The price/performance ratio is good.
Measurement speed is fast.
When closing the lid, it closes softly.
It is small and light, so you can install it anywhere.
With LCD monitor, no computer required.
It is intuitive and easy to use.”

Jeonggeun KIM
Organization: LAS, Korea

Implen NanoPhotometer® NP80 Reviews

Ideal for RNA and DNA oligos

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Department of medical biochemistry and microbiology

“We mainly use the NP80 for quantification of short RNA and DNA oligonucleotides, for which it gives very accurate and reproducible readings. One of the main benefits for us was the option to input the oligonucleotide sequence and directly get a concentration value in umol/L, which is very convenient and a great time-saver. We can fully recommend this instrument.”

Dr. Christian Steinmetzger
Organization: Uppsala University, Sweeden

Easy to use and made with love

Rating: 4.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Membrane Biology

“The implen nano-photometer interphase is self-explanatory making it easy to use, the customer support is very friendly and caring, and for us the little vortexer on the machine and method storage function are very useful. The only improvement would be a better system for adding new data to previous measurements.”

Barbora Knotkova
Organization: BZH, Germany

Love the new design, easy to use!

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Functional group quantification in organic aerosols

“We used to have the NanoPhotometer P300, which worked well for us – but upgrading to the new NP80 was such a great choice. The changes to the instrument have made our analyses much easier and more efficient. Especially the new design for the sample platform has made a huge difference.”

Megan Claflin
Organization: University of Colorado, USA

Great results and very accurate!

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Protein assays and concentrations

“I love love love this machine. It’s portable, idiot proof, and accurate. For its DNA analysis, it is much more accurate than the old familiar… I love the fact that it is so modifiable and easy to use. We use it for a variety of functions in the lab, including Bradford assays. I really love that there is a built-in graph for these and that you can email it to yourself or save on a USB stick. This machine is the thing we have all been needing but never knew we missed. Also the customer care is outstanding and I look forward to our rep every time she comes.”

Andrea Kuipers
Organization: California Institute of Technology, USA

I love these machines. They make my job easier.

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Teaching lab/upper divisional Bioc lab

“We have 8 and I am very pleased with how easy they are to use. This is a new product for our students and they are able to follow the directions we give them and get results. With any new piece of equipment, there is a learning curve, but it’s a small one once they are comfortable using them. I like the fact that they are easy to demo, easy to install updates, and easy to troubleshoot. Compared to our old specs, these save the students time, they get results quickly, each group has their own NanoPhotometer at their station so they don’t have to bring their supplies to the spec as we did in the past. I do not get complaints like I did with our other specs and I know that I can always get help when needed. My sales rep is fantastic”

Barbara Pinch
Organization: University of Minnesota, USA

I would recommend using the NP80 NanoPhotometer for DNA analysis.

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: DNA analysis

“I use the NP80 NanoPhotometer for DNA analysis. I can confirm that it is really easy and comfortable to use. The results are reliable and easy to be transferred.”

Organization: CELON PHARMA, Poland

IMPLEN NanoPhotometer NP80 Touch设备使用心得

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: 生产部

“IMPLEN NanoPhotometer NP80 Touch功能强大 ,设备轻巧方便,操作简单,重复性好,易上手,是一款好用的试验仪器。”

Wenjiao Dong
Organization: 中农威特生物科技股份有限公司, 中国


Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Institute for communicable disease control and prevention


Zhizhou Tan
Organization: China CDC, China

Excellent design and is easy to use

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Neurosciences

“The photometer has excellent design, and is easy to use. Built-in vortex is one of the smartest decisions I’ve seen in lab equipment. Data manipulaton and interface decrease hand-on time, and are user-friendly.”

Olga Starkina
Organization: Melsytech LLC, Russia

Sehr präzise und wirklich unglaublich praktisch in der Handhabung

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

“Ich arbeite seit nunmehr 2 Monaten mit dem Geräte Implen NP80 mobile und bin nach wie vor sehr begeistert von den gesamten Performance des Gerätes. Es verfügt über sehr viele vorinstallierte Anwendungsmöglichkeiten, welche ich bisher nur zum Teil testen konnte, von den bereits getesteten jedoch sehr überzeugt bin. Das Gerät ist kompakt, sehr hochwertig und in Hinsicht auf die Reproduzierbarkeit von Messergebnissen wirklich unschlagbar.”

Enrico Ehrhardt
Organization: Gesellschaft zur Förderung von Medizin-, Bio- und Umwelttechnologien e.V., germany

Implen N80 – Excellent product!

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Biology

“Excellent product! It’s reliable, sensitive, friendly interface, portable and robust.”

As. Prof. Cassius Stevani
Organization: University of São Paulo, Brasil

Producto NP80-Touch

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Biologia celular y desarrollo

“Es un buen producto que facilita con rapidez y eficacia la medición de ácidos nucleicos y proteínas.”

Dr. Jesus Aguirre
Organization: Instituto de Fisiologia Celular, Mexico

Great product

Rating: 4.0   ★★★★

Application Area/Department: Pediatrics

“This is a great device. It is compact and has a wide absorbance detection range, which is useful when using NIR dyes. I like the option for both the pedestal (1-2 uL) and cuvette. The ability to test it out prior to purchasing was also appreciated. Finally, the price point was much lower than a similar … The interface is a bit clunky, but gets the job done. They could improve the data extraction portion, especially via a mobile device.”

Dr. Fong Lam
Organization: Baylor College of Medicine, USA

High-end Machines

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★

Application Area/Department: Pediatrics

“Respect users’ usage habits, complete detailed design, complete supporting facilities, and high-end machines. We expect to combine them with academic research”

Tian Zhen
Organization: Zhejiang University Medical Center, China

NP80 Review

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★

Application Area/Department: Botany and Plant Sciences

“NP80 is easy to use, I like the small vortexer and that the cuvette holder is closed when not in use.”

Dr. Mien Van de Ven
Organization: University of California, USA

Excellent product

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★

Application Area/Department: GMP

“This product is excellent for the everyday labs activity. The support technic team is very efficient.
I recommend.”

Organization: RD-biotech, France

Complete and easy use

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: IPMC

“This device is easy to use. The NP80 is very complete: it allows to make measurements on 1µl as well as in cuvette. Its stirrer is very useful. Sometimes some “failures” on the ratios but rare. I did not test the connection but the transfer with a USB key which works very well.”

Marie-Emmanuelle Kerros
Organization: CNRS, France

Implen NanoPhotometer® N60/N50 Reviews

High-quality device and service

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Biochemistry

“The device is able to perform consistent measurements and has a perfect design to easily operate and transport. The software is very flexible and intuitive, allowing the user to adapt the instrument to virtually every kind of application. The company also offers efficient and competent support both for instrumentation and operational questions. Our company is really happy with the instrument and service, and we definetely recommend them to other users.”

Dr. Gustavo Moreira
Organization: Tacalyx GmbH, Deutschland

Good performance

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Functional and Evolutionary Ecology

“Perfect instrument for our needs”

Tobias Viehböck
Organization: University of Vienna, Austria

Excellent Device

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Agricultural and Biotechnology

“An excellent device which allows you to have the data of both nucleïc acids and protein concentrations at the most easy and fast way possible. For a fair pricing, you have an all-in-one small benchtop device which allows for both good research and good demonstrations to students. I recommend looking into the specs and contacting Implen with your specific questions.”

Tim Bekaert
Organization: Vives Hogeschool Roeselare, Belgium

A perfect addition for our accredited lab

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Kinderklinik 3, AML-Referenzlabor

“We replaced our Nanodrop 2000 device with an Implen NanoPhotometer N60. The N60 is a compact and reliable device with very accurate and fast measurements of DNA and RNA concentrations before subsequent analyses. A perfect addition for our accredited lab.”

Dr. Marcus Schneider
Organization: Universitätsklinikum Essen, Germany

Accurate Measurements, Solid Device

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: DNA Concentration Quantification

“My lab does a lot of molecular cloning work for synthetic biology projects. For the longest time we didn’t have any reliable and simple way of quantifying DNA concentration. This device has been a a life saver. It is accurate (checked samples against other similar devices), easy to use, has lots of extra features that the competitors lack and is cheaper.
If you are just needing to quantify DNA concentration the N50 is a solid choice. But it comes with so many other features you’ll be left wondering how other manufacturers get away with charging more for less. Overall the device is very sturdy and produces accurate results. But beyond just the basics you can do protein and kinetics assays and more. The touchscreen is easy an intuitive. Results are saved directly to the machine as a pdf or spreadsheet and can be retrieved remotely by a tablet/phone or a desktop computer. I prefer to simply copy the pdf directly to my laptop over the network. Another great feature is that the sample pedestal has a visible light shining through it while you load the sample which makes it easier to see what you’re doing. That is something I have not seen on any other microvolume spectrophotometer. My only complaint, if I have to come up with one, is that typing on the touchscreen with my arm extended out in front of my is kind of clumsy. But its a minor inconvenience. I just stick to short samples names.”

Cory Tobin
Organization: TheLab Inc, USA

Great results! will highly recommend it for protein measurements.

Rating: 4.7   ★★★★★

Application Area: Antibody measurements

“Great product! We use it to measure antibody concentration. It is easy and efficient! They also have a great customer care service! The instrument has become an irreplaceable part of our company.”

Veena Kumari
Organization: Neobiotechnologies

Awesome machine. I would purchase another one for additional labs.

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Genetics Academic Laboratory – Microarray Core

“I love the dynamic range for RNA/DNA measurements. We did our own in house check for reproducibility. The interface is very user friendly and easier to use than … We like that we can use 1 ul of precious sample for an accurate reading rather than the required 1.5ul for … I am in the midst of uploading the newest upgraded software so I will test it out and give additional feedback. This has been a god-send. We have very low concentration samples that are very precious and this allows us to make measurements on these types of samples. Also, after doing PCR amplification, we no longer have to make dilutions for the upper limit readings due to the large dynamic range.”

Twyla Juehne
Organization: Washington University School of Medicine, USA

Easy to use!

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Pediatrics

“Our Analysis is easy and efficient”

Eunyeong Hwang
Organization: Hyogo Medical University, Japan

Very easy to operate and accurate

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Faculty of Science and Engineering

“In our lab, “NanoPhotometer N50 Touch” is used. This microvolume spectrophotometer is very easy to operate and accurate.”

Dr. Keizo Yuasa
Organization: Setsunan University, Japan

Great machine with great results

Rating: 4.7   ★★★★★

Application Area: Analysis of RNA, DNA, and protein concentrations

“This is an easy to use machine that gives great results. We have run it against several standard curves. Would definitely recommend it.”

George Perry
Organization: South Dakota State University, USA

Best small volume spec on the market

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Protein/nucleic acid quantitation

“The Implen NanoPhotometer N50 is extremely easy to use (intuitive menus and settings), accurate, and genuinely capable of measuring very small volumes repeatably. The touch screen works well even with gloves. Window configurations are adaptable so you can customize the information you’re looking at while working. The instrument is light and mobile, and since it’s all-in-one, you can literally move it to where you’re working as needed. It’s not stuck in a particular corner of the lab. In my opinion, it’s the best nano-scale measurement device on the market for routine lab sample quantification and spectral reading.”

David Rawling
Organization: Inflammatix, Inc., USA

Easy use and accurate results

Rating: 4.7   ★★★★★

“We are using it for nucleic acid quantification. It’s so easy to use, gives accurate results and easy to save data in organized way. Would recommend it.”

Dr. Assala Samad
Organization: University of Oxford, United Kingdom

We are extremely satisfied

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Oncology and Nuclear Medicine

“We are extremely satisfied with our new Implen NanoPhotometer N-60-Touch. Not only it is user friendly and intuitive to work on, it has vortex shaker built in. Fast, reliable with lots of possibilities to choose from.
We would definitely recommend this product.”

Josipa Periša
Organization: Sestre milosrdnice University Hospital Center, Croatia

Ease of use and accuracy for a reasonable price!

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Neurosciences

“The Implen N50 is the perfect solution for my DNA/RNA spectrophotometry needs. The batch export feature is great, and includes both an aggregate spreadsheet with all samples listed as well as all data curves in separate tabs. And you can’t beat the price; this unit is on par if not better than a … for 1/3 the cost!”

Dr. Jason Weick
Organization: University of New Mexico, USA

Great Machine, Easy to Use, Excellent Customer Service

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Neurosciences

“We did a side by side demo with their top competitor. Both machines gave the same readings, and were fairly straight forward for antibody concentrations. The Implen NanoPhotometer seemed to have a lot more options readily available for use and was easily customizable. We didn’t need a cuvette port which made this machine a much cheaper purchase. The customer service was great, they showed me various features of the software. The software also allows you to control the machine remotely, as well as transfer data wirelessly, which I like because I hate trying to type sample information with the touch screen. This machine also reads the samples quicker, which really helps when I have to concentrate large numbers of samples. Very happy with our purchase.”

Brian Murphy
Organization: ZielBio, Inc., USA

Better and easier to use than …

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Neurosciences

“I tried Implen head to head against a … and found the Implen easier to use and more precise in measurements across a range of samples.”

Dr. Robert Stankey
Organization: Varigen Biosciences, USA

Small but excellent

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Gastroenterologie/Hepatologie, Medizinisches Forschungszentrum

“The N60 is an excellent product for determining concentrations of nucleic acids and proteins. Advantages include the accessibility of measured data, as the device exports measurements as .csv and .pdf files and that the device can be cleaned with 70% Ethanol and water. Plus, it contains an in-built vortexer.”

Dr. Sabrina Rüschenbaum
Organization: Universitätsklinikum Essen AöR, Germany

A wonderful instrument for nucleotide or protein quantification

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Life Science

“It’s a delicate but powerful instrument which occupies very small space and is always on call.
As soon as one acquires this in his lab, he can enjoy the convenience and accuracy at the same time.”

Yu Ran
Organization: Zhejiang University, China

Great instrument

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Radiology

“The instrument is easy to use, performs precisely and reliably, we are totally satisfied.”

Dr. Marianna Alunni-Fabbroni
Organization: Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Germany

Perfect, stable and easy to use spectrophotometer

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Biology

“Implen N50 Touch is so easy to use that you can explain nothing to absolutely inexperienced student, but he will manage to get good measurment and not to break the instrument. Among other advantages is the cover for measurement window, so no dust in it.”

Anna Korovina
Organization: MSU, Russia

A smart and accurate instrument

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Biology

“I was attracted by its smart design and looking, LED screen make us easy to see what happened and how our data figured out. It has a great reproductive results and easy operation. For all, its a practical tool for DNA concentration determination in lab.”

Dr. Luping Zheng
Organization: Dalian Medical University, China

N50 NanoPhotometer in University of Hawaii animal disease laboratory.

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

“The IMPLEN N-50 Spectrophotometer is easy to use and practical for quantification of DNA and RNA.
In addition, we also can make an “in House” calibration system, which allows lower annual cost.
Great equipment.”

Karin Kurkjian
Organization: University of Hawaii, USA

Great instrument

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

“Effective experiment assistant”

Dr. Sun Hanggui
Organization: GENEWIZ, China


Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★


汤 杰

Reliable and easy to use

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

“This nano-photometer is easy to use, the interface is comfortable and the reading seems to be accurate. Their representative was very nice and helpful and gave us a reasonable price for the machine.”

Dr. Koby Baranes
Organization: University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Nanophotometer N60

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

“The Nanophotometer N60 is very easy to use by all members of the lab. We have highly reproducible results.”

Dr. Ann Bayrhammer

Implen N60 model

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★


“It is very compact and accuracy. The operating software is also very user-friendly. I am happy with it.”

Prof. Jong Bae Seo
Organization: Mokpo National University, South Korea

Implen N60 model

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★


“Easy to use, very user-friendly software, quick and easy measurement”

Dr. David Konvalinka
Organization: CGB Laborator a.s., Czech Republic

Streamlined and well-functioning

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Biological science

“Nanophotometer N60 is a neat and decent instrument. The accurate measurement of DNA or RNA is indispensable for molecular biology, but the performance of common “nano-drop” machines vary significantly. N60 is so streamlined with regard to the main function and performs elegantly. The measurement speed was so fast that there was no need to wait for the subsequent measure. Touch panel is also a good one and the informations on the screen is well-organized and easy to follow. I highly recommend it.”

Dr. Sanghyun Sung
Organization: Seoul National University, South Korea

Implen NanoPhotometer

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★


“The equipment is easy to use”

Dr. Shang Guangjun
Organization: Sophonix, China

Your professional equipment will help us a lot

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★


“The technical support is very professional and the service staff is very friendly. I hope we can continue our cooperation next time.

宇航 万
Organization: Cansino, China

Very good machine

Rating: 4.5   ★★★★

Application Area/Department: Biology

“It is a very good reliable machine. very good sales representative. Wish them the very best”

Dr. Hashem Shahin
Organization: Bethlehem University, Israel

N60 Review

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

“It is easy to use, accurate and stable”

Liu Qi
Organization: 辉大基因, 中国


Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area/Department:AD

“We purchased N50. The quality of the machine is good. The interface is user-friendly. The cost performance is excellent.

Dr. Asuka Morizane

Organization: Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital, Japan

N60 Review

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area/Department: Chemical engineering

“Great equipment of analysis of absorbance!”

PhD. Candidate Hyein Kim
Organization: Pohang university of science and technology, Republic of Korea

Review NanoPhotometer N60

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area/Department: Department of Molecular and Clinical Medicine

“Very compact and user-friendly instrument with intuitive interfaces without any computer required. Very good precision and accuracy.”

Dr. Piero Pingitore
Organization: University of Gothenburg, Sweeden

Very good item

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: R&D

“Very great”

Eunyeong Hwang
Organization: Solgent, Republic of Korea

NanoPhotometer is good

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: General Surgery

“NanoPhotometer is an instrument with high sensitivity, accuracy, and convenience. NanoPhotometer can meet the needs of our team for measuring nucleic acid and protein concentrations”

Zhiyue Wang
Organization: Ningbo No.2 Hospital, Ningbo, China

Implen NanoPhotometer® C40 Reviews

Great accuracy of measurements, easy usage, really nice interface.

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: determination of the concentration of proteins and nucleic acids solutions

“C40 NanoPhotometer is a great tool to measure macromolecule concentrations in microvolumes. It surpasses our previous … machine as it does not need calibration and has more functions. Easy interface is a great advantage and the new function of enzyme kinetics together with vortex makes this small and handy tool a multitask help in our lab. The wi-fi functions enables us to print spectra quickly. Measurements are repeatable and accurate. I would recommend the equipment every biochemistry lab.”

Joanna Sliwiak
Organization: Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Laboratory of Protein Engineering, USA

Little Cube of joy

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Chemistry

“An innovative and compact photometer. Ideal for working in a confined laboratory. The ability to stow it away in any cabinet makes it perfect for sporadic use.”

Fabian Wallisch
Organization: Marinomed Biotech AG, Austria

Easy and accurate

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

“We finally switched out old photospec out for a C40. We have already a nano volume spec from Implen and needed the old fashioned cuvette style.
As usual, easy setup, accurate results and no calibrations. Robust software and amazing versatility.”

Dr. Michael Humbert
Organization: NTxBio, USA

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