NanoPhotometer® N120

Microvolume high throughput champion


  • Fast High Throughput

    With full scan capability range from 200 - 900 nm for rapid and complete sample analysis in as little as 1.7 seconds per sample, the NanoPhotometer® N120 record breaking design will exceed expectations. Measure 96 samples up to 126 times faster with 33% less operational steps required when compared to other scanning measurement methods like e.g. microplate readers. In addition to saving hands-on time with the one step Auto Sample Feature, you attain detailed information for each sample – including full high resolution scan results along with sample purity ratios.


  • Stand-Alone Operation

    Save valuable bench space. An integrated computer with an Intel Celeron dual core 2.4 GHz processor and 128 GB of SSD data storage eliminates the need for a dedicated external computer. The compact, all-in-one design including a 7’’ glove compatible touch display and a built-in battery pack significantly reduces the benchtop footprint of the device. Multi-sample spectroscopy can now be taken under a laminar flow hood/clean bench, shared between labs, or out into the field. Preprogrammed applications are available for nucleic acid quantitation and purity check (dsDNA, ssDNA, RNA, mRNA, miRNA, Oligos including dye-labeled samples)) as well as for protein quantitation and purity check (BSA, Antibodies, IgG, IgE, Serum Albumin, etc., including dye-labeled samples), small molecules in organic solvents, kinetics in a drop, and more.


  • Trusted Technology

    For over a decade prestigious biological, chemical and pharmaceutical companies, as well as research organizations around the globe have relied on Implen spectrophotometers. The NanoPhotometer® is the most innovative line of microvolume UV/Vis spectrophotometers – cited by thousands of scientific publications worldwide.


  • Easy Sample Application

    The NanoPhotometer® N120 features our unique and proprietary 12 Point Technology™ which consists of several positioning guides for single and multi-channel pipettes. Patented illuminated sample windows and animated sample processing grid ensures convenient and error free sample application. The design is compatible with various multi-channel pipettes and supports the user while positioning the tips on the sample windows.

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  • Clean with Confidence

    Smooth quartz glass surfaces provide straightforward cleaning. Feel confident your instrument is clean with integrated warnings that alert users of dirty sample surfaces, fingerprints or lint. A simple swipe with a KimWipe™ makes sample cleaning a breeze.


  • Accurate

    Patented Sample Compression Technology™ with guaranteed fixed path lengths allows for unmatched accuracy and precision. Independent from surface tension. Lifetime accuracy guaranteed.

  • Consistent Results

    Reliably analyze up to 12 samples per run over a wide concentration range (2 to 8,000 ng/µl for dsDNA). In comparison to other technologies, the NanoPhotometer® N120 also provides trustworthy data for the accurate determination of 260/280 and 260/230 ratios. Blank Control™ and Sample Control™ monitor the entire measurement process and will highlight readings that are not within the expected purity range.


  • Easy

    NPOS Operating System: intuitive graphical user interfaces (GUI) providing one-step method access, pre-programmed and customizable applications based on the ultimate level of data security. Import and export of sample IDs from Excel files is available for fast and automated sample mapping.

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  • Flexible

    Control your NanoPhotometer® via touchscreen/tablet/computer. Equipped with WiFi, USB A/B, HDMI, and LAN interface connections. Front USB flash drive port for quick and easy data transfer. Define and store your own data and methods and retrieve them through the NanoPhotometer® Network Drive. Optional connection and control via LIMS is also available.

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  • Maintenance Free

    True Path Technology™ covers the extensive dynamic range with two precisely defined path lengths. The sealed mechanical setup has two fixed anchor points that are not changing over the lifetime of the instrument. No recalibration is necessary. Implen guarantees lifetime accuracy.


  • Mobile Design

    Multi sample spectroscopy can now be taken anywhere with the small size of 20x20x12 cm and from 5.0 - 5.2 kg depending on configuration. The optional integrated battery pack provides up to 3 hours of stand-alone battery powered operation. You can now work effortlessly under laminar flow hood/clean benches or share the device between different lab members or groups.


  • Certainty in Real Time

    Sample Control™ - the leading edge quality control technology to identify air bubbles, sample impurities, turbidity, lint residue and potential contaminations. Sample Control™ monitors handling characteristics and sample quality in real time to ensure that the measured concentrations are reproducible and most precise.


  • CFR21 Software

    The CFR21 software complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements and is an optional software tool ideal for GxP laboratories, which require proper electronic record keeping. It includes user management, access control, electronic signatures, data integrity, security, and audit trail functionality.

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  • Universal Linguist

    NPOS now offers the user interface in a selection of languages. The advanced language functionality allows the operator to effectively understand and interact with the unit, boosting productivity in the lab. In addition to a new multilingual user interface, the NanoPhotometer® provides the flexibility to print results in multiple languages, which prevents misinterpretation of data and time consuming translations. The selection covers most widely spoken languages including English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish and will be continuously extended.

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  • Ultimate Data Security

    Malware, viruses and ransomware are serious threats to instrumentation working on Android or Windows based platforms. The proprietary NanoPhotometer® Operating System (NPOS) protects data in a secure environment immune to known malicious software. Whether running Apps on the NanoPhotometer/control device or downloading precious measurement results, your data is safe. For additional security, the NanoPhotometer® does not allow browsing on the internet whilst providing safe access to control devices like computers, tablets and smart phones.

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  • Universal Data Output

    Every NanoPhotometer® is able to generate formatted Excel and PDF document files for data processing or archiving of measurements on the lab network. The capability to print full page reports, labels and cryo labels via USB and through a network connection lends users the upmost flexibility for data output. Supported printers include AirPrint/IPP compatible printers supporting PDF format, printers with HP universal printer driver capability and DYMO label printers.
    AirPrint® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Cupertino, CA

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  • Flexible Unit Control

    Mobile and easy control of the NanoPhotometer® is possible via Wi-Fi from tablets (Android OS & iOS). Easy control from PCs (Windows & Mac) with fast and flexible connection options including Wi-Fi, USB and LAN.


  • Confidence with Blank Control™

    Be sure that your data are precise with Implen’s unique Blank Control™ feature. Blanks with high background or residues from previous users are the main cause for inaccurate readings. Blank Control™ will protect you from wasting time and precious sample on inaccurate readings caused by high background blanks or inappropriate cleaning.

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  • Fun for committed Spectroscopy Nerds: the NanoPhotometer® Crew

    Meet the most dedicated individuals and witness their selfless never-ending commitment to provide trustworthy results for researchers in every country around the world. Their adventures have been videotaped and are available on every instrument starting with firmware version 4.3 installed – with the new screensaver feature activated

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