Implen Celebrating 20 Years!

Meet the
NanoPhotometer® Crew

How the NanoPhotometer® N120
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Introducing the Implen NanoPhotometer® Crew
Important Backstage Information*

For more than a decade Implen has been working together with the two most important authorities overlooking the global spectrophotometer community: the Global Institute of Spectroscopy and it’s Technologies (GIST) and the Central Spectroscopy Agency (CSPA). These organizations not only help to define and preserve necessary standards, but also train special agents that are helping to advance the technology around the globe and to fight evil forces trying to undermine the integrity of data and results. To keep your back they fight every battle on your behalf to ensure that all laboratories can operate without interruption and full confidence into their data.

We now would like to give you the opportunity to meet these dedicated individuals and witness their selfless never ending commitment to provide trustworthy results for researchers in every country around the world. Their adventures have been videotaped and are available on every instrument starting with firmware version 4.3 installed – with the new screensaver feature activated. Make sure to always update to the latest firmware version since new stories might have been added with the new firmware update.

* Careful, serious fiction involved

Meet the Crew!


Hi, I’m Special Agent Vis

Best in class microvolume spectroscopy with the convenience of a lightweight portable UV/Vis spectrophotometer mainly for nucleic acid quantification and protein quantitation and many other UV/Vis spectroscopy methods with a built-in 7 inch LCD glove compatible touchscreen with flexible unit control options. Built-in vortex provides sample uniformity of homogenous samples for the highest degree of accuracy with the smallest sample volume with as little as 0.3 µl. Illuminated quartz sample surface allows for an easy sample application.

Hi, I’m Special Agent UV

I’m a CSPA certified expert for the UV part of UV/Vis spectroscopy – with a NanoVolume and Cuvette Certification for single and multichannel applications. There is no one else like me that can ensure that your Nucleic Acid, Protein UV and Antibody readings are absolutely correct and your samples are ready to be used in downstream applications like sequencing, qPCR, etc. One of my very specialties in addition is the identification of tampered, adulterated or fake products on a liquid basis. If there is something fishy, I will be the one to find out.

Woof, I’m Lambert

I’m a GIST certified UV/Vis specialist. Forget what Agent UV and Agent Vis are trying to tell you. It is me pulling all the data together with Professor Beer, making sure that whatever the readings are translates to trustworthy results, concentration and purity readings. Those two cats are trying to get under my fur all the time, yet I will make sure that their annoying behavior does not compromise the quality of your scientific data. You can trust my word…

Professor Beer

The brain behind all of it. The Dean of the Beer University for Spectroscopy and a GIST certified investigator is the head of the NanoPhotometer® Crew making sure that all specifics of the famous UV/Vis spectroscopy law are being followed – sometimes not an easy task when having to deal with a couple of special agents and Lambert. Ready for a beer?
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