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5.0 – 5.2 kg depending on configuration

Processing Power/Software

 n120-12-channel-nanovolume-angle-implen-nanophotometer-spectrophotometer-nanodrop-alternative implen nanodrop nanophotometer spectrophotometer

  • Linux based NPOS
  • Intel Celeron dual core
  • 128 GB Internal Storage
  • 2x USB A, USB B, HDMI, Ethernet, Wi-Fi


2.4 GHz


new-touch-screen-nanovolume-implen-nanophotometer-spectrophotometer-nanodrop-alternative implen nanodrop nanophotometer spectrophotometer

  • 1024 x 600 pixels
  • Glove compatible touchscreen

Built-in Battery Pack

Optional Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery:
47.5 Wh, 3.3 Ah, up to 3 hours battery life,
Min. Charging Cycles: 800

NanoVolume Performance

Detection Range dsDNA2 – 8,000 ng/µl
Detection Range BSA0.06 – 230 mg/ml
Sample Volume2 – 3.5 µl
Photometric Range (10 mm equivalent)0.04 – 160 A
Path Length1 and 0.125 mm
Dilution Factor10 and 80

Cuvette Performance

Optical Specifications

Wavelength Scan Range200 – 900 nm
Measure Time For Full Scan Range1.7 – 2.5 seconds per sample, 20 seconds full run
Wavelength Reproducibility± 0.2 nm
Wavelength Accuracy± 0.75 nm
Bandwidth< 2.5 nm
Stray Light< 1% @ 240 nm using NaI
Absorbance Reproducibility< 0.004 A (1 mm path) @ 280 nm
Absorbance Accuracy< 1.75% @ 0.7 A @ 280 nm of the reading
Optical Arrangement1 x 3648 CCD Array
LampXenon flash lamp
Lifetime109 flashes, up to 10 years

Compatibility Requirements

Control OptionsOnboard with built-in Touchscreen, Computer, and Tablet
Software CompatibilityWindows 7, 8, 10 (32 & 64 bit), OS X, iOS and Android OS


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