Protein Quantification Software

OD600 DiluPhotometer™ Protein Quantification Software (Bradford Assay)

The OD600 Protein Quantification software is designed to transfer data from the OD600 DiluPhotometer™ to a PC. For direct data transfer, the instrument can be linked to a computer via a serial cable or a USB connection. The OD600 Software is necessary for setting up the connection.


Bradford Protein Assay with the DiluPhotometer™


NanoPhotometer® Models that Work Best for Protein Assay Quantification

All units are battery powered and require NO maintenance or recalibration for a lifetime. They also can be used for the following applications: dsDNA, ssDNA, RNA, mRNA, miRNA, Oligos, Proteins and Antibodies including dye labeled samples, small molecules in organic solvents, kinetics in a drop and more.

implen 12-channel nanophotometer N120 for nucleic acid measurements, nanodrop alternative


Microvolume High Throughput Spectroscopy

• High Performance Microvolume Spectrophotometer • Only 1.7 sec per sample, 20 sec per run (12 samples) • Full high resolution scan from 200-900 nm for each sample
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implen cuvette nanophotometer NP80 for nucleic acid measurements, nanodrop alternative



• All-in-One Spectrophotometer
• Micro-volume and cuvette capability • Built-in vortexer
• Full high resolution scan from 200-900 nm for each sample
• Temperature Controlled Cuvette Holder • Starting at 0.3 µl sample volume
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implen cuvette nanophotometer C40 for nucleic acid measurements, nanodrop alternative



• High Performance Micro Volume Spectrophotometer
• Starting at 0.3 µl sample volume • Full high resolution scan from 200-900 nm for each sample* • Built-in vortexer*
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implen nanophotometer C40 for nucleic acid measurements



• Standard and Microvolume cuvettes (quartz, glass and plastic) • Additional Applications: OD600 (Cell, Bacterial, Yeast Density),
Bradford, BCA • Temperature Controlled Cuvette Holder
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“Great results and very accurate!”

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Protein assays and concentrations

“I love love love this machine. It’s portable, idiot proof, and accurate. For its DNA analysis, it is much more accurate than the old familiar, Nanodrop. I love the fact that it is so modifiable and easy to use. We use it for a variety of functions in the lab, including Bradford assays. I really love that there is a built-in graph for these and that you can email it to yourself or save on a USB stick. This machine is the thing we have all been needing but never knew we missed. Also the customer care is outstanding and I look forward to our rep every time she comes.”

Andrea Kuipers
Organization: California Institute of Technology, USA

“Producto NP80-Touch”

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Biologia celular y desarrollo

“Es un buen producto que facilita con rapidez y eficacia la medición de ácidos nucleicos y proteínas.”

Dr. Jesus Aguirre
Organization: Instituto de Fisiologia Celular, Mexico

“Great results! will highly recommend it for protein measurements. “

Rating: 4.7   ★★★★★

Application Area: Antibody measurements

“Great product! We use it to measure antibody concentration. It is easy and efficient! They also have a great customer care service! The instrument has become an irreplaceable part of our company.”

Veena Kumari
Organization: Neobiotechnologies, USA

“Great machine with great results “

Rating: 4.7   ★★★★★

Application Area: Analysis of RNA, DNA, and protein concentrations

“This is an easy to use machine that gives great results. We have run it against several standard curves. Would definitely recommend it.”

George Perry
Organization: South Dakota State University, USA

“Best small volume spec on the market”

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Protein/nucleic acid quantitation

“The Implen NanoPhotometer N50 is extremely easy to use (intuitive menus and settings), accurate, and genuinely capable of measuring very small volumes repeatably. The touch screen works well even with gloves. Window configurations are adaptable so you can customize the information you’re looking at while working. The instrument is light and mobile, and since it’s all-in-one, you can literally move it to where you’re working as needed. It’s not stuck in a particular corner of the lab. In my opinion, it’s the best nano-scale measurement device on the market for routine lab sample quantification and spectral reading.”

David Rawling
Organization: Inflammatix, Inc., USA

“Small but excellent”

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Gastroenterologie/Hepatologie, Medizinisches Forschungszentrum

“The N60 is an excellent product for determining concentrations of nucleic acids and proteins. Advantages include the accessibility of measured data, as the device exports measurements as .csv and .pdf files and that the device can be cleaned with 70% Ethanol and water. Plus, it contains an in-built vortexer.”

Dr. Sabrina Rüschenbaum
Organization: Universitätsklinikum Essen AöR, Germany

“A wonderful instrument for nucleotide or protein quantification”

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Life Science

“It’s a delicate but powerful instrument which occupies very small space and is always on call.
As soon as one acquires this in his lab, he can enjoy the convenience and accuracy at the same time.”

Yu Ran
Organization: Zhejiang University, China

“Great accuracy of measurements, easy usage, really nice interface.”

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: determination of the concentration of proteins and nucleic acids solutions

“C40 NanoPhotometer is a great tool to measure macromolecule concentrations in microvolumes. It surpasses our previous nanodrop machine as it does not need calibration and has more functions. Easy interface is a great advantage and the new function of enzyme kinetics together with vortex makes this small and handy tool a multitask help in our lab. The wi-fi functions enables us to print spectra quickly. Measurements are repeatable and accurate. I would recommend the equipment every biochemistry lab.”

Joanna Sliwiak
Organization: Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Laboratory of Protein Engineering, USA

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