OD600 DiluCell

OD600 Dilucell 10

Lab Essential

DiluCell™ provides automatic dilution of higher concentrated samples for standard 1 cm cuvette compatible spectrophotometers. DiluCell™ 10 allows automatic 1/10 dilutions. Combined with small sample volume requirements and bubble-free filling, the DiluCell™ allows for convenient spectrophotometric analysis from 340 – 1100 nm.

Disposable cuvette for spectrophotometrical analysis Protein assays, OD600
Significantly delayed cell sedimentation Compared to standard cuvettes
Automatic virtual dilution Factor 10
Ideal for GLP No dilution – no dilution errors – no cross contamination
Broad wavelength range 340 nm – 1100 nm
Small sample volumes 300 µl
Easy handling Bubble-free filling


The Lambert-Beer-Law, also known as Beer’s Law, empirically relates the absorption of light to the properties of the sample. This law states that there is a logarithmic relationship between the transmission of light through a specific sample (T = I/Io with I = outgoing light and Io = incoming light), the molar extinction coefficient for a specific compound (ε), the concentration of the absorbing species in the material (c) and the distance the light travels (d). By leaving all conditions constant but changing the pathlength (distance the light travels), you can bend the Beer-Law to get an automatic dilution of your sample. This principle is realized within the NanoPhotometers® NP80 and C40 as well as DiluPhotometer™ OD600 with DiluCell™.

Automatic Sample Dilution

Previously it was necessary to use standard cuvettes with a volume of at least 1 ml and additionally to dilute the sample manually. DiluCell™ from Implen allows for lower sample volume requirements and provides automatic virtual sample dilution. Due to the unique design of DiluCell™ cuvettes, the light-path is reduced from the standard 10 mm to 1.0 mm (DC 10). According to the Lambert Beer Law, this shortened pathlength results in an automatic sample dilution by factor 10 (DC 10). Automatic dilution with DiluCell™ saves time and excludes dilution errors and cross contaminations.
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