Technical Note 7 – UV Vis Spectrophotometer | Flexible Unit Control

The NanoPhotometer® Family offers a unique range of nanovolume and/or cuvette UV/VIS spectrophotometers with flexible control options. All NanoPhotometer® models can be accessed and controlled by a variety of control devices (Figure 1). In addition, a built-in touch screen and battery option is available for independent stand-alone operation.

Stand-Alone Operation

The optional glove compatible color touchscreen converts the NanoPhotometer® into a stand-alone instrument. With the optional battery pack (not available for the N50), mobility and independence from the power grid can be added for at least 8 hours (N120: 3 hours).

Flexible Unit Control

All NanoPhotometer® models have flexible control device options like Windows/Mac computers, Android/Apple tablets and/or Android/Apple smartphones (Table 1). Windows and Mac computers can either be connected via USB cable, through Ethernet cable (LAN) or WLAN within the local network or with a password secured WiFi connection to the unit’s own hotspot. All portable control devices like tablets and smartphones can be connected via WLAN or a password secured WiFi connection.
The NanoPhotometer® App is available from Google Play and the Apple App Store for free. The apps for Windows and Mac can be found on our website at Portable control devices like tablets and smartphones have the additional benefit to allow data storage on the control device in Excel and/or PDF format.

Table 1: Compatibility of control devices. * not available if NPOS CFR21 software is activated; + NPOS CFR21 software not available


All NanoPhotometer® models are equipped with an HDMI interface to connect an external monitor or projector to present data e.g. for teaching classes.

Keyboard and Mouse

For operation without using the touch capability, the NanoPhotometer® can be controlled via a wired USB mouse and/or a wired USB keyboard (Figure 2). Mouse and keyboard can be used for direct data input or to control the NanoPhotometer® with a monitor or projector connected via HDMI.

NanoPhotometer® Hotspot

All NanoPhotometer® models are equipped with a Wireless Hotspot for secure data access and to control the instrument via a Windows computer, an Android/Apple tablet or an Android/Apple smartphone. The SSID of the Hotspot is the serial number of the instrument.


Figure 1: Different control devices/options for the NanoPhotometer®, UV/Vis Spectrophotometer


Figure 2: NanoPhotometer® with mouse for easy operation.

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