OD600 Tech Specs

Diluphotometer™ OD600 Tech Specs


Product Specifications

Wavelength 600 nm
Bandwidth 40 nm
Range Optical Density – 0.3A to 1.99A
Accuracy ±0.05A at 1A using Neutral Density Filters
Repeatability ±0.02A at 1A
Controls 6 button – power, blank, sample, memory, re-set, recall/print
Optical Height 8.5 mm
Cuvette Holder Fixed with drain hole. Accepts DiluCell™ 10, 10 mm pathlength semi-micro and -macro cuvettes, or 14 – 16 mm round tubes.
Output RS232, USB
Memory 99 readings
Display Custom LCD
Power Requirements External power adaptor (110 to 220 V, 50/60 Hz, 20 VA) or internal rechargeable NiMH battery
Approximate Dimensions 180 x 150 x 60 mm
Weight 0.6 kg

Features and specifications are subject to change without notice

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